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  5. UNDER REVIEW Moderator application.

    Ya know what you're 100% right, I'll stop. My bad
  6. MCSKYS Blatant cheating

  7. Chrona's Ban Appeal

    Firstly, English isn't really my first language so mistakes are bound to happen, but ignoring that, what I meant was that I was banned for cheating when I wasn't, I just phrased it incorrectly. The reason I didn't appeal instantly was because i got caught up with work and school, so I didn't really have time to play or even appeal, and even if I did have some spare time to appeal, It wouldn't make sense to appeal and not come on to play. And I'm not so sure about who banned me, but I think it was dickson.
  8. UNDER REVIEW Moderator application.

    About your first point, If you want to become mod and you are messing around for fun and don't stop if mods tell you, then im not sure if you are someone i would like to see as mod. Because we had to mute you aswell.

    + I would for anyone who was mic spamming " Give them a warning, asking nicely if they would not spam there mic. If they continue to spam give them 1 last warning. if they still continue after that you would mute them for how ever long seems appropriate. and for racism is 1 warning and then do the appropriate thing to be done

    Great guy. Has always been nice to others; from what i have seen . Played on XGC For well over a month, acitve, upholds the rules. +1
  11. xge the best

    what's xge..? Never heard of it
  12. UNDER REVIEW Moderator application.

    1. i was messing around i thought that was pretty obvious. 2. im in discord all the time. i've asked to be pulled and talk with a few staff members. They did as soon as i join i was greeted with a lot of vulgar language.
  13. UNDER REVIEW Moderator application.

    You say you are 33 y/o, but just heard you being a little toxic on to awp server to several people. And also not alot of hours (but that can change in the future). Also i personally haven't seen you around in discord yet. So hope to see you soon in discord!
  14. Chrona's Ban Appeal

    " since at the time I wasnt even cheating" So you're saying you do cheat, you just weren't right then. If you had the name of the admin, we could reference them and find out if they had proof. Also how has it taken you 3 months to appeal for a ban that happened last year?
  15. xge the best

    please submit an application to the appropriate forum area, following the template shown above. Thank you
  16. Monthly prizes

    Added Jay about it now so going to wait a few days before following up on it again.
  17. Monthly prizes

    HI, It said that they were to be given out on the 15th of March but nobody got them. It is now the 17th and all attempts to get in contact with Scotty have been to no avail. I spoke to the moderator Callum and he assured me that we would get our prizes soon, but never said when. A screenshot of the top players for the month as of 16/03/2018 @ 09:40 I hope we hear from you soon. As someone who has financially supported the server all I ask is some transparency. Thank you
  18. xge the best

    hi i want to be a mod in this server please <3
  19. Chrona's Ban Appeal

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:149968665 Staff Member who banned you: CONSOLE Reason for Ban: Hacking Length of Ban: Permanant Date & Time Of Ban: 12-26-2017 18:57 Other useful information: I feel like my ban was unfair, since at the time I wasnt even cheating, and got banned without any clear proof. I was playing in the retakes server messing around with a couple of friends and doing pretty good, but then an admin came on and suddenly banned me without any proof at all. He didnt even join spectators to check if I was suspicious or not. The only "proof" he might have had was me shouting I'm cheating jokingly after getting a few good shots (which was actually before he banned me instantly), but that clearly isn't enough evidence to ban me.

    So I would spectate him for a little bit make my personal opinion if it gets really fishy i would call an admin to specate him with me talk about it and if he is hacking ban him

    Could you describe what you would do in the situation of a cheater?..

    My second application has more details haha lmao
  23. UNDER REVIEW Moderator application.

    oh okay, worth a shot.
  24. CLOSED Mod Application

    Dam, Aphix's getting good at this shiz. Listen to his advice and we'll reconsider.
  25. UNDER REVIEW Moderator application.

    I am actually looking for more staff members in the EU side of the community, I will consider this application and get back to you.

    Why did you copy and paste your application twice lol?
  27. CLOSED Mod/admin

  28. CLOSED Mod/admin

    Application lacks depth and effort. If you wish to re-submit an application in the future you may, just make sure to go in to more detail with your answers etc.
  29. CLOSED Noscope server.

    We'll look into something like this in the near future, for now we want to work on perfecting our current gamemodes.
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