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  1. CLOSED Mod Application

    Dam, Aphix's getting good at this shiz. Listen to his advice and we'll reconsider.
  2. UNDER REVIEW Moderator application.

    I am actually looking for more staff members in the EU side of the community, I will consider this application and get back to you.

    Why did you copy and paste your application twice lol?
  4. CLOSED Mod/admin

  5. CLOSED Mod/admin

    Application lacks depth and effort. If you wish to re-submit an application in the future you may, just make sure to go in to more detail with your answers etc.
  6. CLOSED Noscope server.

    We'll look into something like this in the near future, for now we want to work on perfecting our current gamemodes.
  7. ACCEPTED Hv^'s Application

    Application accepted, good job! You will see your admin privileges on the servers within the next few days.
  8. CLOSED L0rex Mod apply

    If you're able to increase the amount of hours you play on our servers, then we would be more likely to accept this application. After more time of playing on our servers feel free to re-open this application or make a one and we'll reconsider it taking your new time played into account. Good luck.
  9. UNDER REVIEW Sk8 staff application

    Gonna have some people look over this application and we will get back to you from there. Good luck
  10. UNDER REVIEW SatsuJ Staff Application

    It's a good application, but unfortunately you only have 5 hours on our servers.. if you could check your EU servers playtime as well, then we would appreciate that.
  11. ACCEPTED Will's application

    Application accepted! You'll see your permissions on the servers within the next few days.. Good job nat vouched for u

    Not only are you answers very vague, but I also highly doubt that you have "more than 300hours" on our servers... Could you please find the correct amount of hours using our stats page here. All you have to do is select the gamemode you play on and search your name.
  13. ACCEPTED Smrax staff application

    I'm gonna go ahead and accept this application because you're actively in the discord socialising with other members of the community and overall a really sound guy. Natascha tried to get me to deny you because you have big legs, but i'm gonna accept it anyway! You'll see permissions on the servers within the next few days, good job!