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  1. CLOSED Hi my name is Endeavour

    dam right instaban, would rather keep you and your toxic 5 year old prepubescent friend's off my servers. Cya
  2. UNDER REVIEW L0rex Mod apply

    I'm still confused, you only have 5 hours playtime?
  3. ACCEPTED Darren's Application

    Seem like a good guy, been in discord a few times - i'm gonna accept this application. Good job man! You will receive your permissions soon!
  4. ACCEPTED Broke-n's Application Form

    Accepted! Good job, you will receive your permissions soon.
  5. Sup3rlum for badmin (Mod application)

    Plus one dat, not to mention the multiple bans/mute/gags you've had on the awp server for being disrespectful & annoying. I've personally had to talk to you because you were being a dickhead to Natascha, you need to mature & take things more serious for me to even consider this. This is application is closed.
  6. CLOSED !join not working

    I made a mistake while doing these configs, I have fixed it now.
  7. ACCEPTED Broke-n's Application Form

  8. ACCEPTED Darren's Application

    If you don't mind me asking, which genre of our servers do you play on? Cheers
  9. CLOSED Staff application

    Closed due to inactivity.
  10. CLOSED Hanzo Staff Aplication

    Closed due to inactivity.
  11. ACCEPTED Cramer Staff Application

    Accepted, good job!
  12. UNDER REVIEW Hv^'s Application

    Your answers are pretty basic.. mute them ban them.. you gonna give warnings etc? Although I know you're quite an active member on our community I feel like you should elaborate more on some of your points. Thanks
  13. ACCEPTED Cramer Staff Application

    This is the most in-depth application I've ever seen & probably the best at that. I like the fact that you've provided proof of you helping already - that's really good. I've read over this a few times now and I think you'd be a good candidate for our team. I'm going to get some people to look over this and give me their input. Good luck mate!
  14. ENNER's Ban Appeal

    "Idk" isn't a very good answer for this type of thing... try join the servers again. I don't see a ban for you on, if you can remember the server IP or who was online at the time (Staff, VIP's) then please let me know. Cheers
  15. ACCEPTED Broke-n's Application Form

    Added! Give me a message when you can.
  16. CLOSED Staff application

    Can you provide us with a link or anything? I'll re-open this until this has been provided. Cheers.
  17. UNDER REVIEW Smokes disappeared

    We're aware of this issue and are looking into a fix.
  18. CLOSED Staff application

    @AestheticJ You can make the decision on this application bud.
  19. ACCEPTED cLu's Staff Application

    Your answers are very basic, anything else you could add? Cheers
  20. CLOSED Hanzo Staff Aplication

    Can you link me your steam profile on this application & i'll find out how many hours you have? Cheers
  21. CLOSED Calvin Staff Application

    he's a joker
  22. ACCEPTED Broke-n's Application Form

    Sorry for the late reply, can you add me on steam before I move any further with this application? Cheers!
  23. CLOSED Staff application

    We'll wait on a reply to this..
  24. CLOSED Report salty VIP abuse

    votecommands have been removed from VIPS.