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  1. First of all Hello! I have been enjoying the awp server for quite some time now but i soon found out there were almost no mods/admins, thats why I want to be a staff member! Well lets start of with something about me, I am a 16 year old Dutch boy, that likes playing CSGO! I do have some experience as a Moderator, I have been a moderator for a Dutch youtuber for about a year. After this I started to play some new games like CSGO, and 442 ingame-hours later I am applying for staff on your server! I have played: 0d 09:48:50h on the AWP server (dont think that is a lot), but I think it is save to say that I am a active player? I don't have a lot of experience writing these kind of letters and I dont know what you guys want to know! But if there are any questions please just ask me! Kind regards, Pedro Ingame-Name: TheMexicanPedro 0d 09:48:50h (on server) Experience: 1 year moderator Dutch YouTube channel 442 Hours in CSGO