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  1. CLOSED Staff application

    Hey, thank you for the reply. I will get some evidence by me having experience in livestreams soon, and also i have now have 30 hours on the servers. Love the servers and i keep playing om them consistantly as warmup.
  2. CLOSED Staff application

    19 hours on the servers
  3. In Game Name: racsO Discord ID: M4STERY#6356 SteamID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/M4STERY/ Age: 16 Time zone: UTC Playtime on CSGO: 2,000hrs Playtime on XGC Servers: 00:19:46 hours Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? [Scenario 1] If a guy was being toxic, bullying somebody else maybe using some bad language I would politely ask them to stop and if they refuse or carry on with the bullying and toxicity i would mute them for a minimum of 10 mins depending how bad they are talking, if they were using racist insults for instance I would mute for 30minutes minimum and if they carry on after that then I would kick them, if they carry on it would result in a 1 day ban. [Scenario 2] If I thought a guy was cheating then I wouldn't say anything just to give him time to toggle off, I wouldjust say i had to go get something (eg) And i would spectate him and as i have a lot of experience playing csgo and i have been watching alot of overwatches on csgo. It also helps that i am calm in most situations so i wouldn't just ban them out of frustration and if i come to a conclusion that they were cheating. And i wouldn't just spectate for 5 mins I would watch the suspect for at least 10 minutes to make a fair judgement on hes suspicion. Past Experiences: I have a lot experience as a mod in some popular youtube and twitch chats, where ive been controlling the language consumption, spam and inappropriate links. Why should we accept you? You should accept me because I am a friendly person to play with, and in the other cases where I was mod in the chat, I was always the first person people would come ask to if they were getting flamed at or somebody was doing something inappropriate. Also because of my age obviously school would consume some of my time but after school or on a weekend I have no job and that means I have time to play on your servers.