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  1. In Game Name: Nahteee Discord ID: Ethan#0165 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:426011432 Age: 16 Time zone: GMT Playtime on CSGO: Many hours on multiple accounts Playtime on XGC Servers: A lot back in the day when only had one AWP server Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do?: Case scenario 1: A guy is hitting weird shots. I am going to the spectators, watch him. If I notice he is using cheats, i record some rounds as an evidence if needed , then I will punish him, with a permanent ban. Case scenario 2: A guy is flaming in voice chat/text chat. I am giving him a warning , and if he continues with the flaming he will be punished with gag/mute , temporary or permanent , depends on the gravity of the situation Past Experiences: Was best admin on this server last year bro Why should we accept you?: Because you just should honestly i am pro at fortnite and deserve it ngl