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  1. Application: A little about me: My name is Ollie, I'm 21 and currently in my 4th year at University studying Astrophysics. In my free time I indulge in gaming and programming, the latter being my post graduation profession! In Game Name: Cramer (second account 'BoGuu') Discord ID: BoGuu#1044 SteamID: 76561198145130986 Age: 21 Time zone: GMT +0 Playtime on CSGO: ~3.8k Playtime on XGC Servers: ~32h Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? I think it's important to preface any answer to this by stating that I'm a strong believer in fairness, and that any action taken upon a player should be carefully considered, with warnings and leniency applied where appropriate, dependent on the rule(s) broken. Toxic Behaviour - Here we encompass all sorts of behavior, from offensive language (including racism etc) and everything under the umbrella of 'negativity'. I strongly believe this is the greatest issue with CS:GO in recent times, whether it's MM or community servers such as XGC. Not only is it incredibly annoying to listen to, but also incredibly demoralizing or disheartening for the 'victim'. As I mentioned, I believe dependent on the severity of the behavior, attempts should be made to warn the user before any more drastic measure is taken. If the user wishes to ignore warnings, then I find that kicks are quite often an effective way to faze users enough into stopping, and should be the first real punishment before anything larger, such as a temp ban. In the case of outright bullying, racism, and everything on par, punishment such as temporary bans, or in the worst case permanent bans, should occur. This behavior should never be tolerated, and should be treated with much less leniency. Cheating - Obviously there is only one outcome for almost all cases of cheating, whether it'd be something more minor or not. In this case I personally would ban a user (unless a different protocol is in place), when I can say that beyond reasonable doubt the user is cheating. Whether this is by studying their behavior myself, or resorting to third party second opinions if I'm unsure, or not convinced. Everybody has done something that looks 'dodgy' to other people, or on a demo, so unless blatantly obvious, every attempt should be made to verify any wrong doing before taking action. Past Experiences: I've administrated servers for a large amount of multiplayer games I've played (where CS:GO is an exception), counting back some years now. As a result, I've encountered, and dealt with, most possible scenarios that could arise. A large contribution to this is ARMA 3, which I will touch on in the next question. Why should we accept you? Ultimately the reason I felt encouraged to create an application here is from my personal experience on the servers. I used to solely frequent the OutFrag retake servers, but have recently moved over to XGC (loving the executes!). However, most of the time I've been playing (usually odd early hours, but not recently) I've noticed a large amount of people with just a crappy attitude, whether it'd be negative or toxic towards players, spamming, racism, etc (take this example, minutes before I posted this: There isn't usually any staff on the server when I play (only seen a handful in the 32 hours), which is no surprise, given the sheer number of servers (and we all have lives!). Of course, there is always the option to call for an admin, but given the frequency, and disturbance to your own time, it's quite a nuisance. I find just given the presence of a mod, or staff, can deter this behavior before it even begins, a passive affect. Further, I've noticed quite a few cheaters, which people subsequently attempted to find staff for (if my mind recalls correctly), however given the time I often play at, to no avail, usually the case that said people join and leave before anything could happen. After all, we are all there to enjoy ourselves and have fun, so it'd be nice to aid that cause, and make sure it's a pleasant place to be. As for my personal administrative experience, a large deal comes from ARMA 3, as I previously mentioned. I am the owner, and one of the developers, of the Altis Life Framework ( - if you've heard of it, for better or worse), and have consequently administrated countless servers and communities, battling both bad behavior and cheating (whilst creating counter-measures), and everything in between. Playing CS for well over 5 years, over watching for quite a few of them, and spending quite some time at global before my CS:GO hiatus, has made me comfortable making the distinction between cheating and fair play! I noted the first point in your requirements to apply, regarding Discord & social activity (among staff, and members), and will be transparent in the fact I've only joined the Discord yesterday (when my VIP disappeared!). However, now that I'm there, I'm confident this will be achieved in time As a complete side note, as I had mentioned I am a developer, and have always wanted to have a pop at creating content for CS:GO, so if and when I delve into the docs, it would be awesome to get involved or give a helping hand, if it's ever needed!