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    I was talking to my friend who yes is an admin I've known him for 3years I'm pretty sure that he doesn't care about me swearing at him, also I asked you why you had a problem with me as you said I was annoying even though I wasn't talking towards or at you, if you d.ont want to hear me you can use the personal mute function rather than the server-wide mute function, also I have no clue what the request was that you "asked twice" for.
  2. CLOSED Anxrchyx's Mod Application

    okay thanks.
  3. CLOSED Anxrchyx's Mod Application

    Sorry tried to fix some mistakes that my word processor corrected into words that I didn't even want but the edit feature isn't working for me.
  4. Application: In Game Name: Anxrchyx Discord ID: Anxrchyx#3512 SteamID: STEAM_1:1:45380696 | 76561198051027121 Age: 14 Time zone: GMT | London Playtime on CSGO: 923Hours Playtime on XGC Servers: 27Hours (However stats have been reset.) Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? 1: For example, some words are being said to and throw between two people having an argument, maybe some swear words racism, anything like that I would politely tell them to both stop if they continue arguing and bringing me into the, then I would kick them both for the same reason to keep a measurement of fairness however if one person started the argument which I would have to be there to decide if they had or not, then I would serve the necessary punishments to the instigator and give a stern and clear warning to the person on the other side of the argument who didn't start it. 2: Another example if someone was accused of cheating I could use my hours of experience, as well as my past experience of being an admin to see if they are cheating, using their type of play style shops, angle peeking and sprays, however knowing that XGC has a lot of quite some skilled players I would have to get multiple opinions as well as my faithful judgement. Past Experiences: Been admin on 2 previous servers with a quite consistent player base's, as well as a server that has been VAC insecure, which has only strengthened my admin as well as judgement skills, also I have been by [Mod]Swifty's side modding being admin for servers that he has co-owned, this is actually met him as we both were the admins on a server 3years ago and befriended each other Owo xd. Why should we accept you? -Had multiple admin experiences -Friendly -I talk a lot -Like to talk to people -Try to be fair at all times (however, life isn't fair.)