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  1. UNDER REVIEW Moderator application.

    About your first point, If you want to become mod and you are messing around for fun and don't stop if mods tell you, then im not sure if you are someone i would like to see as mod. Because we had to mute you aswell.
  2. UNDER REVIEW Moderator application.

    You say you are 33 y/o, but just heard you being a little toxic on to awp server to several people. And also not alot of hours (but that can change in the future). Also i personally haven't seen you around in discord yet. So hope to see you soon in discord!
  3. cant even type anymore, thanks****
  4. ACCEPTED Smrax staff application

    Gratz man!
  5. ACCEPTED Smrax staff application

    +1 Did play PUBG with you and Sh1ne, you seemed like a verry nice guy and had alot of fun with you! Also on the awp server. And about you not having any experiences i think that everyone has to start somewhere! ;D Good luck ;D
  6. Okay, i got the time. But i can 't be online tomorrow because of some school stuff i need to do. Wednesday i will be online again. Ill try to reply asap if you have further questions!
  7. I can't edit the application so ill do it here if that is okey. In Game Name: Hv^ Discord ID: Heaven#0239 SteamID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/TheyCallMeHeaven/ Age: 16 Years old Time zone: CET (Netherlands) Playtime on CSGO: 2300+ on this account (main account) 3k with my smurf and old account added. Playtime on XGC Servers: I don't really know, I have been playing for a really long time on this server already, I think more that 50 for sure. Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? 1. If someone is mic spamming or swearing to other people, i would tell them to stop swearing, if they don't they will eventually get muted for 30 minutes or so. If someone is being racist to other people for whatever reason they will get muted for 30 minutes aswell, if i later see that guy agian being toxic or anything agian he will get muted for 24h or so. If he continious after that he will recieve a perm mute. 2. If a player is obviously cheating if would instantly ban them. If there is a hacker who is trying to hide it and im not 100% sure i won't ban him but i will try to get another staff member online to hear his opinion of the suspected player. If we both agree that he is cheating i will ban him. 3. If 2 people are in a fight with each other i will tell them to stop that, if they don't listen i mute (5 min) or kick them, if they still continue after that they will recieve a longer mute, mute lenght depens on how they react to me or other staff. Past Experiences: I haven't been a mod on any other servers but i know when people can be cheating or when i should mute them. Why should we accept you? You should accept me because im an active player on the server with alot of CS:GO experience. Im also a high-ranked player so im able to spot if someone is cheating or not. I also like to keep this community fun for everyone because who doesnt like a cheat free server. As i said, i dont have any experience with being an mod or admin on any server, but i think the Xeno Community is a great oppurtunity for me because it isn't a small server where only 100 player play max. I also already did apply once for staff but then i got denied because i wasn't active on discord, but at that time Xeno moved from TS3 to Discord what i didn't knew. If you wan't anything to be added or wan't to know more about me, just reply and ill try to awnser ASAP.
  8. I know it is lacking some information an that it is pretty basic. But i cant edit this post because i wasnt logged in. Should i otherwise make a new post with more detailed information?
  9. Wasnt logged in to my account, sorry...