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  1. CLOSED L0rex Mod apply

    So on XGC Eu, i have 2-30H and on XGC UK I have 10H I know it's not a lot I haven't been playing lately but im back.
  2. CLOSED L0rex Mod apply

    I dont know each server I join shows a different thing like you know there multiple executes servers for xgc every single one shows a different thing.
  3. CLOSED L0rex Mod apply

    Yes by that i meant that ive been playing everyday for over a week not that i spend all my time on the server for a hole week u know.
  4. CLOSED L0rex Mod apply

    But 168 hours means im gonna be playing 24h for 7 days? that will not work like that
  5. CLOSED L0rex Mod apply

    im actually confused more than anyone right now? i dont know which is the Hour one ?
  6. CLOSED L0rex Mod apply

    youre reading season 2 its on top 5:23:36H
  7. CLOSED L0rex Mod apply

    Just to clear something what i mean by more than a week is ive been here for over a week everyday not 168 Hours D:
  8. CLOSED L0rex Mod apply

    Am mr aphix u do relise that i sleep right ? and i eat also like 168 are full 7days bro
  9. CLOSED L0rex Mod apply

  10. CLOSED L0rex Mod apply

    ALSO i forgot to mention that i would give warrnings on the second scenario.
  11. CLOSED L0rex Mod apply

    Application: In Game Name: iL0rex^cold Discord ID: iL0rex#2887 SteamID: Age: 18 Time zone: GMT +1 Playtime on CSGO: 2800+ Playtime on XGC Servers: More than a week Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? Lets say some one is cheating legetily and trying to hide first thing i would try to play against him for a cuple of rounds and see how his playing then i would spectate him see if hes actually aimlocking on people or walling how do i know hes walling ? well l have alot of experince on busting hackers and its kinda obv like i just know i would obv get proof of him that he was cheating before i take any step further and ban. Lets say some one is Flaiming, ghosting, bieng racest what ever reaosn i would either get proof of his chat or the voice chat in a video and then i will mute him for a period amount of time depending on the situation (i would be much comrftobale explaining while im talking than typing) Past Experiences: i have had alot of past experince on moderating like 5servers in csgo ive been a modderator on other games but im sure we should care about other games. Why should we accept you? Proffsinality of doing things right Bieng active daily on multipul servers per day (XGC) Fun and new ideas for the server to become better (Need something more ? tell me :D=