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  1. admin Aphix_ Admin Application

    Application: In Game Name: Aphix_ Discord ID: Aphix_ #0360 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:70474240 Age: 17 Time zone: GMT Playtime on CSGO: 2810 Hours (As of 2/12/17) Playtime on XGC Servers: Well over 6-7 days worth (Last month alone was 4) Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? Scenario 1 - A user has entered the server and players have reported to myself that he has been aggressive or toxic, particularly to players who are lower on the scoreboard. Talking to the user, they remain hostile towards myself despite the information that I am an admin. Initially, one would resort to a Gag / block on communications such as text or voice, but I would enable them to continue playing. If the user begins to grief and shows signs of unfriendly conduct towards others (spamming profiles with comments, etc.) then a timeout ban of 30 minutes, to an hour would suffice. Obviously, further interactions with the user would result in a more permanent Ban. Scenario 2 - A user has entered the discord server with claims that there is acheater on a server. First, I would get the details of the suspected cheater (Steam ID) so if they leave before i can act, i can monitor them in the future. I would join the server the suspect is using, and monitor them closely for approximately 1-2 matches, to confirm my suspicions fully. If I find the suspect guilty of cheating , i would insta-ban them from all XGC servers and just as a sidenote, thank the user who reported the cheater for their cooperation. Past Experiences: Admined for GZS Retake Servers Why should we accept you? I practically live on XGC servers these days and come across cheaters / toxic people way too often. Everyone who plays regularly knows me and regards me as a skilled player and a nice guy. With over 2.8k hours, I like to think I can analyste when players are cheating very well ( I also do overwatch cases a lot to cement this belief ), and I also believe that I am mature in dealing with toxic players.
  2. Skillinzo Admin Application

    the whole point of the scenarios is to give YOUR approach, im not tryna be a dick or anything, but i can highly doubt you'd handle it the same way i would.
  3. Skillinzo Admin Application

    uHM, you literally copied my cheater scenarios and just very slightly re-worded them lmfao