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  1. APHIX

    You got auto banned for having a duplicate account. It wasn't me who banned you, the server anti-cheat does it automatically. NT
  2. UNDER REVIEW L0rex Mod apply

    But thats what you claim to havein your original post.
  3. Player Trolling

    Not much we can do with this information. Record evidence of it and give us full details including time of occurence, his steam ID and the server IP. Abd also, please follow the template given
  4. UNDER REVIEW L0rex Mod apply

    Would still like actual proof of how many hours you have. because i could easily say " i have more than 4 months of playtime" which is total horseshit as it's closer to a week and a half of FULL time
  5. Sup3rlum for badmin (Mod application)

    Please submit another application, filled out properly and without the sarcasm. would also like more details in terms of the scenarios
  6. CLOSED Admin/Mod KUBCER

    Would like you to re-do your application with more detail in the scenarios and also more information on why we should accept you
  7. UNDER REVIEW L0rex Mod apply

    Have you got proof to your claim of more than 7 days *168 hours* of playtime. im sure me and some others are near the top (at least in executes we were) with over 5 days but would like to see proof of this first. apart from that your app is super good
  8. CLOSED Hanzo Staff Aplication

    I like how you added you would record rounds as evidence, good thinking. never know when you could be falsely accused of abusing powers. Despite your age being a little young, your experience with moderating in competitions and on other AWP servers makes me think you have the maturity to deal with such situations appropriately.
  9. CLOSED Calvin Staff Application

    Would like you to re-do your 2 scenarios please as the information given isn't satisfactory. Describe *in detail*
  10. ACCEPTED cLu's Staff Application

    Got any proof to your 10,000 hours accusation? To check hours join any server and type rank and it should say total playtime
  11. ACCEPTED Staff Application

    Seen this guy on Discord and in-Game and hes a fucking bundle of joy to play with, especially at 6am when ive just woken up with a shitty day ahead, his major style casting and just generally chilled attitude makes me think hes a good guy
  12. ACCEPTED Trex's mod application

    I can appreciate you have a lot of play time on the awp servers, but due to your low amount of hours, i personally feel you would struggle to spot the difference between a cheater and good / lucky player. I also feel that your approach to a mic spammer is a bit extreme, i would recommend a gag / mute at first, with kicks and bans being more serious punishments later on.
  13. CLOSED Ghost Admin

    IDK if Scotty has released this information, but he already has the power to do this himself