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  1. Thanks for the respont ill hope to hear from you soon
  2. In game name: Sk8 Discord ID: Sk8 (#6124) Steam ID : Sk8 Age: 15 Time Zone: Central European time Play time on CSGO: 740 hours Playtime on XGC Servers: 08:17:20h would probably be alot more because of the server reset Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do?: Scenario 1: If someone would play unsuidable music like annoying or very loud noises i would ask them to stop nicely and if they dont, i would give them a mute for a nice period of time {talking about hours not days} then just wait to see if they did learn their lesson, if not he will be punished again for a longer period of time. Scenario 2: If someone would be using cheats like aimbot, wallhack or spinbot i would not doubt about the fact that he or she should be removed from the server, ofcourse i would record them or get eny other evidence to confirm the punishment. Past Experiences: Ive been mod on 2 other servers 1 random surf server and a server of a friend of mine , my friend accepted me ofcourse because he knows me in real life and knew he could trust me. The surf server made me mod because i was online alot and they thought i had alot of patience and that i could act calmly now they both shut down and have all the free time to be a moderator on a other server. Why should we accept you?: People think i have alot of patience and that im a nice calm person that can intervene if its necessary, ive had some expierence and will be more online then ever because i have a brand new pc, i have alot of free time and i dont like competitive that mutch so i would love to do a great job on this server and be alot online. I also have school but im a very hard worker so i never come home with eny homework so school wont be a problem (or there must be some very very important test) but that doesn't happen that often. I already think the server has a nice community but theres always place for improvement and i think that I would be a great help. If you have eny questions feel free to ask them! Btw: The English spelling may not be the best but i sure can speak fluent English Have a good one, David/sk8