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  1. CLOSED Moderator application by XDLSD.

    Are you blind or is your math number 0?
  2. Application: In Game Name: XDLSD Discord ID: XDLSD#7150 SteamID: STEAM_1:1:215088867 Age: 16 Time zone: GMT + 3 Playtime on CSGO: Around 800 hours if all of my accounts counts. Playtime on XGC Servers: Around 30-40 hours. Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? Scenario 1 Cheating - Cheating is, as clearly stated in the rules, strictly prohibited and anyone getting caught using cheats should be banned. However, before doing this I would need to be absolutely certain this person is cheating. My judgement is than based on me spectating the suspected cheater for a certain period of time to get a clear image of if the user just has skills or is using third-party software. Second possibility is me calling on other people to help me judge because it's very unclear if this user is cheating, or I am just uncertain about my judgement. I will never ban or kick anyone before being absolutely certain that this person is not playing fairly. Scenario 2 Toxic Behaviour towards other players - There are many forms of toxic behaviour and all should be met with warnings or penalties, but I'd like to focus on the most common one nowadays, offensive language. In my opinion this is one of the most annoying things that can happen on a server. Not only is the language painful for the victim, but the person writing/speaking these words annoys others with the constant negativity. I believe in the fierceness of the spoken language the user should firstly be warned before any other precautions are taken. After the user is warned and has ignored one or more warnings the user should be muted/gagged for an amount of time, say 10 minutes (again, all dependant of the severity of the situation). If the user chooses to continue the language it was using towards others, a kick is a solution that has proven to work. If clear cases of racism, sexism or anything on the same level appear, the user should be met with immediate punishment like a temporary ban. Or, in worst case scenario a permanent ban. This behaviour is one, not tolerated by the rules of the XGC server and secondly not acceptable in any way. Side note: Where and whenever I can I will try to record or picture the wrong doing of the user so that whenever he/she chooses to appeal/ask for clarification there will be evidence of the case. Past Experiences: I have lot of experience in the past as an admin or moderator. Why should we accept you? II feel like I should be accepted because I am eager to make this server a more friendly environment by denying people with bad behaviour a change to ruin everyone's fun. I have also noticed that at certain times when I play on the server and toxicity/cheats appear there are no mods/admins online to call upon. I know there is a team of amazing mods and admins, but I've only seen a few on the execute/retake servers during the time that I played there, which is understandable seeing the different times I come on and play. However, I think that when there is a mod/admin on the servers itself people think twice about their behaviour creating an environment where there is no need for action but trouble is stopped before it can even begin. Whenever there is a cheater/bad mouthed person on the server I've found that they leave before anyone can act against them preventing them from coming back to cause the same nuisance they made before. In the end no one wants those people and we're to have fun and improve our game. A little bit about myself, although I find it hard to describe myself I've given it a go. I'd like to think about myself as a social person that doesn't shun interaction with other players with a joke here and there. I think that I am pretty mature for my age, especially given a role with authority. I have flaws, but I work on it and don't mind constructive criticism to improve myself for everyone's benefits. I don't rage at the game, neither complain about a job that needs to be done.