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  1. CLOSED Unban appeal

    As i see it its not changing at all, thanks for having me on the server and have fun with the new players
  2. CLOSED Unban appeal

    Also what makes you so important as a admin that makes your hear everything in the server lol? Maybe you didn't hear but w/e your starting to repeat too
  3. CLOSED Unban appeal

    H'v, i dont want to be rude or somthing but as you read my previous posts i said i don't know how to prove my case and neither do you have proof of it (video picture). It's pretty normal as i keep repeating the same things. Also i didn't say i know play style of new players
  4. CLOSED Unban appeal

    every known player has his way of going through the map if you play couple rounds you know where he always goes. but that doesn't say im using walls or somthing its called prediction and listening to sounds.
  5. CLOSED Unban appeal

    its pretty obv where you need to look if you play the same map for months and know how the players ( players who play on daily bases) play on the map. i still don't believe that i was following a player through the wall.
  6. CLOSED Unban appeal

    Prefires? Preaims, everyone camps at ramp its obv spot to prefire or preaim but w/e you guys made your decisions just tell me what the case is running into unban or lost case still banned as i don't know what to prove you guys more.
  7. CLOSED Unban appeal

    well as i said, you might think im walling but im not, and as far as i know cheaters buy cheats to win in matchmaking and not a random public community servers. well if you say your not going to unban just say it, so i don't waste my time as i can't get any demos or any proof that i'm not using wh. Thanks
  8. CLOSED Unban appeal

    Well i cannot change your thoughts about me but trex if i had wh i would be banned in no time when we played competive with dave
  9. CLOSED Unban appeal

    Steam ID (Click Here): STEAM_1:1:123612372 Staff Member who banned you: H'v Reason for Ban: Wallhack they saying Length of Ban: permanent Date & Time Of Ban: 03-26-18 16:15 Other useful information: i have played so long on this server, no one ever accused me of using wallhacks. it's not my bad if you dont hear a footstep or a gunshot. I don't know what else to say to indicate my case. i'll let you guys decide. Thanks Peachhyy