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  1. CLOSED Very toxic player I've ever seen

    Denied. Although the user was acting somewhat toxic its far from something staff should be worried about, nothing he said was racist or offensive to anyone except calling people "shits" this is something that although we attempt to enforce would only result in a verbal warning anyhow. If this continues please post another Ban-Request on a player. Do not attempt to "bump" report-a-player posts as it does not speed up the process.
  2. Forum Rules Section

    Main Idea: Adding a clear set of forum rules under the "Info and Rules" sub forum. Example: This is something I've drafted over the last 10 minutes or so that will allow players to have a better understanding of what IS and ISN'T allowed on the forums. Disrespectful behavior - users are expected act professionally and respectfully at ALL times, this is in the broadest sense and must be followed. Racism and Discrimination - Racism and discrimination is not allowed in any context on the forums or server. Slander - Accusing players of performing certain actions is likely to lead to a hostile environment, for this reason we require that if you wish to report a player you use the "Report players" section on the forums or contact a staff member. Causing problems - Any attempts to cause a reaction (negative) from another player will not be tolerated, this is including (but not limited to): Lying, manipulating and the three (3) rules listed above. Malicious activity - Any forms of malicious activity such as Spamming, fishing, hacking will not be tolerated and will lead to a permanent ban from the forums. Posting and Replying - Users are to only reply to administrative threads such as: Ban Appeals and Report a Player when directly involved with the situation or if said player can provide anymore background information that may help a staff member make his final decision. Pros: Gives players a better understanding of what is and isn't allowed on the forums. Cons: ????
  3. CLOSED jacky2180 banned. right template

    Scott will read and deal with the appeal when he has the chance.
  4. CLOSED jacky2180 banned. right template

    Jacky came to me questioning me why he was banned and so I messaged Sam and he replied with: "I'll be honest idk what "and ever" even means and i dont remember typing that for this guy but if it was permanent it will most likely be for hacking lol" The issue lies within how bans for cheating are handed out, without any evidence I believe bans should be reversed however why should a staff member have to record every cheater? its an issue senior administration will have to sort out and discuss with staff members. Another issue is that Sam doesn't directly remember the situation. Also Jacky was caught ban evading by myself on an alt account named: Blacky2240 - he was extremely apologetic and once I told him to make an appeal he hopped off the server and promised to not go back on until the appeal had been dealt with. It's a sticky dispute but I wish you the best of luck. -Bevve
  5. CLOSED Scotty's Denial

    Honestly mate, If Scotty denies your app this isn't the best of ways to make yourself look better. You are clearly passionate and thats awesome but maybe allow the situation to cool down for a couple of days before venting your emotions all over the forum. -Bevve
  6. Main Idea: Allowing there to be two different sections, one (1) being to allow people to apologize for what they have done to receive a shortened ban length / unban and then move the current "appeal" to a dispute section, where if a member feels that she/he has been falsely banned that they can dispute and have it reviewed by a higher ranking staff member (admin / owner) Example: I have banned User @Hv^ for 1 week regarding said player being racist, he creates a post x amount of time after being banned and promises to not do it again / apologize for what he has done, it is then up to THE BANNING STAFF MEMBERS (me for this example) discretion on whether he should be un-banned or not, meaning that unless an Admin+ got involved no other Mod could get involved on my appeal. Pros: Allows members to get back into the community after a heated dispute giving them a sort of second chance, allows members to take responsibility and return quicker. Cons: ????
  7. cheater 100% wh

    Hey, thanks for making the report and taking your time to do so. Even with hacks he’s terrible and il pass over the needed information in the staff chat so it ensures he’s banned ASAP. Consider this accepted. Bevve
  8. Legit cheats

    Please provide evidence as soon as you can.
  9. CLOSED Staff Application

    Instead of sounding like a broken record I wont go over what Hv mentioned as he did it perfectly. However, It would be great for you to explain your personal skills and give us a little bit of information about yourself, good luck with the application!
  10. UNDER REVIEW Staff Application

    As Tea mentioned a 1-3 day ban although you gave them plenty of warnings is a tad excessive, gag/mute said player and if he continues to do so then put out a 30 mins - 1 hour ban to allow the player to calm down. It's a nice application however I'd personally like you to introduce yourself better in your skills section, other than that it looks like a good application. Good luck, -Bevve.
  11. In-Game Name: bevve / beVvek1ng Steam ID (Click Here): STEAM_1:0:189799742 Discord ID: bEAVER^3#1304 Age: 18 Time Zone (GMT): UK time zone :'D Region (UK or EU): UK Playtime on CSGO: 4k Hours Playtime on XGC Servers: roughly 50. Past Experiences: Been staff on different games including various gmod servers and also battlefield servers. Also been staff on some retakes (EU Based) and I wish to take that experience into this new role. What are your typical hours per week on our servers?: I warmup pretty much everyday on here for 1-3 hours before heading onto ESEA/FACEIT, depending on if I'm in a rush or not that is roughly how much time I spend on the server. Do you have a functioning microphone and/or headset? Yes, although its not relevant I also have 1x spare headset in case anything goes wrong. Detailed Questions: Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? Toxic/Racist towards players - Would instruct the player to stop it immediately and provide said play a verbal warning, I would rather opt for this instead of straight banning as I believe it doesn't really help the situation. If the player refuses to do so I'd evaluate the situation and use my judgement to make a different call, this could be muting/gagging said player and if he continues issue a kick/small ban (1h or so) to allow the player to "cool down" and re-evaluate what he is doing. Cheater - Would spectate and gather evidence myself (record some gameplay of him cheating) just in case he attempts to appeal the ban at a later date, I have seen some people do this on the forums so it would help Scotty/Whoever is dealing with it to make a final opinion. What skills do you have that may contribute to our community? I'm extremely approachable and friendly whilst also taking everything seriously (when it needs to be), people are able to trust me and rely on me to perform to a certain standard and I believe I would be a great addition to the current staff team. Among being easy to talk to I am extremely decisive and have a good sense of what needs to happen at said time. This mixed with my past experiences allows me to perform to a high standard. Thanks for reading, -bevve
  12. ACCEPTED bevve's Staff Application

    Thankyou for the feedback Hv, it's been nice talking to you and a couple other staff members when warming up and just practicing! More 10 mans to come I hope
  13. Pretty basic really, just add a section where members can upload videos (CS Related) whether its on the retake server or not. Pros: -Engage a more community "vibe" -Get to see some nice clips (or bad ) Cons: Hard to implement? (I doubt its hard to implement at all)