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  1. Hi my name Tea

    hi name is voxze i am a hotty i get thotties
  2. CLOSED Mars / dez^ for ADMIN

    Application denied did not me the requirements we're looking for, you can apply again in 2 weeks. Thanks in advance!
  3. ACCEPTED Staff Application

    All months have 28 days but February has ONLY 28 days but every 4 years there is a leap day it goes up to 29 days
  4. CLOSED Pedro Staff Application

    Application denied! You didn't use the correct format, feel free making a new post with the following format found
  5. ACCEPTED Tea's mod app

  6. ACCEPTED Aphix_ Admin Application

  7. ACCEPTED Aphix_ Admin Application

    I agree with @JunioR, a couple months ago you were a little sketchy and i felt that you were cheating but since you were never "caught" It shouldn't affect your application until then. Application is very descriptive and solid. - VoXzE
  8. ACCEPTED voX's App

    I feel like we have something in common but i just can't put my finger on it