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Found 15 results

  1. Application: In Game Name: Will Discord ID: Will#9209 SteamID: Will2112 Age: 16 Time zone: GMT +1 Playtime on CSGO: 1215 hours on my main account + ~200 on my smurf (on 26-02-018) Playtime on XGC Servers: An educated guess would be around 45/55 hours. I don't know the exact number though, since after the server resets stats had been reset. Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? I firstly like to say that any case should be handled objectively, and that cases with extreme and clear evidence should immediately be punished with a fitting penalty. Scenario 1 Cheating - Cheating is, as clearly stated in the rules, strictly prohibited and anyone getting caught using cheats should be banned. However, before doing this I would need to be absolutely certain this person is cheating. My judgement is than based on me spectating the suspected cheater for a certain period of time to get a clear image of if the user just has skills or is using third-party software. Second possibility is me calling on other people to help me judge because it's very unclear if this user is cheating, or I am just uncertain about my judgement. I will never ban or kick anyone before being absolutely certain that this person is not playing fairly. Scenario 2 Toxic Behaviour towards other players - There are many forms of toxic behaviour and all should be met with warnings or penalties, but I'd like to focus on the most common one nowadays, offensive language. In my opinion this is one of the most annoying things that can happen on a server. Not only is the language painful for the victim, but the person writing/speaking these words annoys others with the constant negativity. I believe in the fierceness of the spoken language the user should firstly be warned before any other precautions are taken. After the user is warned and has ignored one or more warnings the user should be muted/gagged for an amount of time, say 10 minutes (again, all dependant of the severity of the situation). If the user chooses to continue the language it was using towards others, a kick is a solution that has proven to work. If clear cases of racism, sexism or anything on the same level appear, the user should be met with immediate punishment like a temporary ban. Or, in worst case scenario a permanent ban. This behaviour is one, not tolerated by the rules of the XGC server and secondly not acceptable in any way. Side note: Where and whenever I can I will try to record or picture the wrong doing of the user so that whenever he/she chooses to appeal/ask for clarification there will be evidence of the case. Past Experiences: None. Only thing is that I have been a right-hand to an admin on a jailbreak server. Why should we accept you? II feel like I should be accepted because I am eager to make this server a more friendly environment by denying people with bad behaviour a change to ruin everyone's fun. I have also noticed that at certain times when I play on the server and toxicity/cheats appear there are no mods/admins online to call upon. I know there is a team of amazing mods and admins, but I've only seen a few on the execute/retake servers during the time that I played there, which is understandable seeing the different times I come on and play. However, I think that when there is a mod/admin on the servers itself people think twice about their behaviour creating an environment where there is no need for action but trouble is stopped before it can even begin. Whenever there is a cheater/bad mouthed person on the server I've found that they leave before anyone can act against them preventing them from coming back to cause the same nuisance they made before. In the end no one wants those people and we're to have fun and improve our game. A little bit about myself, although I find it hard to describe myself I've given it a go. I'd like to think about myself as a social person that doesn't shun interaction with other players with a joke here and there. I think that I am pretty mature for my age, especially given a role with authority. I have flaws, but I work on it and don't mind constructive criticism to improve myself for everyone's benefits. I don't rage at the game, neither complain about a job that needs to be done. I hope that all the given answers are clear, and thank you for your time. Cheers, Will
  2. ACCEPTED Smrax staff application

    Application: In Game Name: SMЯΛX 壊れた Discord ID: Smrax#1000 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:162748630 Age: 17 Time zone: GMT Playtime on CSGO: Around 5,000 hours Playtime on XGC Servers: 13h been talking to you guys in discord and playing outside the servers a lot too. Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? If a player was excessive mic spamming I would as politely for them to stop, if the situation still occurred i would apply a mute to the player. If a player was cheating blatantly I would ban and report the shit outta him lol Past Experiences: Dont have any looking for somewhere to start Why should we accept you? Been talking to you guys for a while and want to get involved with the servers and what you guys do, you are all really dead on people that i'd like to start friend ships with and help cleanse the server of mutants that think its okay to break the rules...
  3. In Game Name: Hv^ Discord ID: Heaven#0239 SteamID: Age: 16 Years old Time zone: CET (Netherlands) Playtime on CSGO: 2300+ on this account (main account) 3k with my smurf and old account added. Playtime on XGC Servers: I don't really know, I have been playing for a really long time on this server already, I think more that 50 for sure. Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? 1. If someone is mic spamming or swearing to other people, i would tell them to stop swearing, if they don't they will eventually get muted. 2. If a player is obviously cheating if would instantly ban them. If there is a hacker who is trying to hide it and im not 100% sure i won't ban him but i will try to get another staff member online to hear his opinion of the suspected player. If we both agree that he is cheating i will ban him. Past Experiences: I haven't been a mod on any other servers but i know when people can be cheating or when i should mute them. Why should we accept you? You should accept me because im an active player on the server with alot of CS:GO experience. Im also a high-ranked player so im able to spot if someone is cheating or not. I also like to keep this community fun for everyone because who doesnt like a cheat free server.
  4. In Game Name: Darren♔ Discord ID:Darren#9809 SteamID: STEAM_1:1:78621192 Age: 20 Time zone:GMT Playtime on CSGO: 1400hrs (+700hrs on smurf) Playtime on XGC Servers: I don't know the exact play time but I have been playing on your execute servers for a few months now on and off, Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? Scenario 1 If a player joined the game with Aimbot/Wallhack, I would spectate the player for as long as necessary until I am 100% positive the suspect is cheating I will then inform him of the rules he has just broken before kicking/banning him from the server. Scenario 2 If a player is griefing i.e Being toxic towards other players, calling out positions and/or using foul language over VOIP I would again be sure to witness the suspect committing these acts first hand Before Punishing the suspect depending on how sever the case is. Past Experiences: I have been in a moderator/admin role countless times in the past 7 years whether that be Bunny hop servers on cs, Minecraft servers and was also an admin on Los Santos RolePlay (SAMP) back a good few years ago. Why should we accept you? I believe I should be accepted due to the fact that I Love being part of the community you have and would love for a chance to help improve the experience for other players whether that be answering any questions they may have or dealing with any problems that persist. I feel I would be a good moderator because I am a people person who strives in givings customers a great customer experience and can maintain a standard of professionalism.
  5. Application: A little about me: My name is Ollie, I'm 21 and currently in my 4th year at University studying Astrophysics. In my free time I indulge in gaming and programming, the latter being my post graduation profession! In Game Name: Cramer (second account 'BoGuu') Discord ID: BoGuu#1044 SteamID: 76561198145130986 Age: 21 Time zone: GMT +0 Playtime on CSGO: ~3.8k Playtime on XGC Servers: ~32h Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? I think it's important to preface any answer to this by stating that I'm a strong believer in fairness, and that any action taken upon a player should be carefully considered, with warnings and leniency applied where appropriate, dependent on the rule(s) broken. Toxic Behaviour - Here we encompass all sorts of behavior, from offensive language (including racism etc) and everything under the umbrella of 'negativity'. I strongly believe this is the greatest issue with CS:GO in recent times, whether it's MM or community servers such as XGC. Not only is it incredibly annoying to listen to, but also incredibly demoralizing or disheartening for the 'victim'. As I mentioned, I believe dependent on the severity of the behavior, attempts should be made to warn the user before any more drastic measure is taken. If the user wishes to ignore warnings, then I find that kicks are quite often an effective way to faze users enough into stopping, and should be the first real punishment before anything larger, such as a temp ban. In the case of outright bullying, racism, and everything on par, punishment such as temporary bans, or in the worst case permanent bans, should occur. This behavior should never be tolerated, and should be treated with much less leniency. Cheating - Obviously there is only one outcome for almost all cases of cheating, whether it'd be something more minor or not. In this case I personally would ban a user (unless a different protocol is in place), when I can say that beyond reasonable doubt the user is cheating. Whether this is by studying their behavior myself, or resorting to third party second opinions if I'm unsure, or not convinced. Everybody has done something that looks 'dodgy' to other people, or on a demo, so unless blatantly obvious, every attempt should be made to verify any wrong doing before taking action. Past Experiences: I've administrated servers for a large amount of multiplayer games I've played (where CS:GO is an exception), counting back some years now. As a result, I've encountered, and dealt with, most possible scenarios that could arise. A large contribution to this is ARMA 3, which I will touch on in the next question. Why should we accept you? Ultimately the reason I felt encouraged to create an application here is from my personal experience on the servers. I used to solely frequent the OutFrag retake servers, but have recently moved over to XGC (loving the executes!). However, most of the time I've been playing (usually odd early hours, but not recently) I've noticed a large amount of people with just a crappy attitude, whether it'd be negative or toxic towards players, spamming, racism, etc (take this example, minutes before I posted this: There isn't usually any staff on the server when I play (only seen a handful in the 32 hours), which is no surprise, given the sheer number of servers (and we all have lives!). Of course, there is always the option to call for an admin, but given the frequency, and disturbance to your own time, it's quite a nuisance. I find just given the presence of a mod, or staff, can deter this behavior before it even begins, a passive affect. Further, I've noticed quite a few cheaters, which people subsequently attempted to find staff for (if my mind recalls correctly), however given the time I often play at, to no avail, usually the case that said people join and leave before anything could happen. After all, we are all there to enjoy ourselves and have fun, so it'd be nice to aid that cause, and make sure it's a pleasant place to be. As for my personal administrative experience, a large deal comes from ARMA 3, as I previously mentioned. I am the owner, and one of the developers, of the Altis Life Framework ( - if you've heard of it, for better or worse), and have consequently administrated countless servers and communities, battling both bad behavior and cheating (whilst creating counter-measures), and everything in between. Playing CS for well over 5 years, over watching for quite a few of them, and spending quite some time at global before my CS:GO hiatus, has made me comfortable making the distinction between cheating and fair play! I noted the first point in your requirements to apply, regarding Discord & social activity (among staff, and members), and will be transparent in the fact I've only joined the Discord yesterday (when my VIP disappeared!). However, now that I'm there, I'm confident this will be achieved in time As a complete side note, as I had mentioned I am a developer, and have always wanted to have a pop at creating content for CS:GO, so if and when I delve into the docs, it would be awesome to get involved or give a helping hand, if it's ever needed!
  6. Posted December 1, 2017 Application: In Game Name: CLU Discord ID: cLu#0110 SteamID: Age: 20 Time zone: UTC+00:00 Playtime on CSGO: About 10k+ overall but 1.8k on my account. Playtime on XGC Servers: A while not too sure the full time but i warmup always on XGC Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? First scenario: If someone was cheating because i have a vast game knowledge i will be able to tell very quickly. I would instaban, if im not too sure i would get a second mod's opinion just to make sure. Second scenario: If someone was mic spamming i would ask them politely to stop if the issue persists i would kick them and see if it carried on. Past Experiences: I know its not much but i was an admin on a 1v1 server and also a few GMOD servers too. Why should we accept you? I think i will be a great addition to the team im on all day everyday so im always around. Im a polite person and have time for everyone, i would love to become part of the XG Community, Thank you.
  7. Application: In Game Name: Broke-n Discord ID: LetsBeRealistic SteamID: Age: 17 Time zone: GMT Playtime on CSGO: 3254hrs Playtime on XGC Servers: 48 hrs, 43mins, usually play about 3-5hrs a day. Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? In the first instance, if a player was being offensive in text or voice chat, I would, at first, give the a warning and make them aware of the rules. If this behaviour continues, I would mute him for an appropriately deemed time period. After which, if the player continues to cause the offence, I would temporarily ban him from the server. In the second instance, if a player was cheating, I would permanently ban the player from the server, if there is sufficient evidence to prove said accusations, as I believe cheaters should not be given a second chance. Past Experiences: I have not past experiences with managing others servers. Why should we accept you? I am regularly on the UK Executes servers, and would like to ensure that everyone plays fair, and enjoys their time on the server. I bought VIP to not only support the Xeno-Gaming community, but to also try and prevent servers becoming less enjoyable due to cheaters and disrespecting players.
  8. ACCEPTED Staff Application

    In Game Name: AestheticJ Discord ID: AestheticJ#8021 SteamID: STEAM_1:0:117833693 Age: 17 Time zone: GMT Playtime on CSGO: 3020 Hours Playtime on XGC Servers: As a warm up every time I'm about to play Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? : A user using vulgar, Racist and/or Sexist behaviour. In this I would reactive with telling them to calm down there language or there will be a penalty given if they continue I would gag/mute them if they continue to disrupt in any other way it will result in a kick / ban (In severe cases) A second scenario would be a cheater I personally believe that cheating should not be an excusable offence and would be punished accordingly. Past Experiences: Admin for League as well as a few retake and FFADM servers Why should we accept you?: Since Im a very competitive person not only in the gym but also in cs it means I strive to be a better player meaning I spend alot of time training and warming up I spend atleast 2 hours a day in warmup/casual play on retake servers and would be very helpful come a issue on the servers. I am a very lovely person and love to talk to people make sure they are having a good day and will represent Xeno servers well if I am accepted
  9. ACCEPTED Trex's mod application

    Application: In Game Name: TREX HDR -IWNL- Discord ID: TrexXxHDR #0524 SteamID: Age: 23 Time zone: UTC+02:00 Playtime on CSGO: 976 hours on my main , 124 hours on smurf Playtime on XGC Servers: 4d 23:35:05h (awp server) , i play a bit of executes aswell Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? we had it multiple times when a player is mic spamming on the server , first i'd verbally warn him and ask nicely to stop , then type it in chat if he doesn't reply , after 3 warning with no answer I usually vote kick him and if he does comeback and mic spams we temp voteban him . we encounter hackers as well , multiple times i recorded hackers on the awp lego server for evidence if asked for it , contacted someone on discord or told tea about it if he's here , and do the same procedure as the mic spamming situation . Past Experiences: im a mod on my friends twitch channel , and im the founder on FraGGerZ , a gaming group with 113 active members , i take care of our discord , bought them a teamspeak server , we have an active fb page and much more , ill link them below. Facebook :\ Teamspeak IP : Discord : Steam Group : Why should we accept you? I spend alot of time on the server i play daily after work for like 4-8 hours , im top 1 on the awp lego server currently , I'm friends with everyone i think , i love this server just cause of the skill level and community , i'd like to be able to keep a bit of control of whats happening in the server , since we get alot of mic spammers mainly , and some hackers , also i'm a computer engineer with a good amount of knowledge and will be happy to help anyway i can.
  10. ACCEPTED voX's App

    In Game Name: VoXonatoR / xela Discord ID: VoXonatoR#3976 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:39060199 Age: 15 Time zone: GMT Playtime on CSGO: 3000+ Playtime on XGC Servers: 17 hours Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? Spamming: Tell the user who is spamming to stop what they are doing as they are breaking a rule. If they were to continue, i will gag/mute them to stop them from spamming. After their gag/mute ends and they continue, a ban is necessary as they have not learned from what they have done wrong. (I will record evidence if they appeal) Cheating: With someone cheating, and i am %100 sure, I will record enough evidence so that if they appeal for what ever reason, i have a lot of support to back me up from my recordings and witnesses. After i have evidence, i will ban the user permanently as you dont want cheaters ever coming back to your community. Past Experiences: Over 700 hours of administrating and developing garry's mod servers. (This has relevance because gmod uses the same commands and engine as csgo.) Early days of cs i played on CLWO which was a jail break server, which helped me in experience with the source commands on csgo. Have my own scrim servers which use SM, so i know what im doing with it. Why should we accept you?: Im a social and friendly person and like talking to others on your servers. I would also be a good role model to others on the server. Im an active player on the server playing a minimum of 30mins to an hour everyday on your servers.
  11. In Game Name:Tea Discord ID: Tea#2213 SteamID: Age: 16 (I’m 17 on 06/02) Time zone: GMT Playtime on CSGO: 852hrs as of 1/19/17 Playtime on XGC Servers: 1Day 19Hours Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? Scenario 1: If a player is mic spamming I would verbal and in chat ask them nicely to stop continuing with that behaviour as if they persist, I would gag/mute them for 30mins. After the 30mins has past they continue to mic spam I would mute them for 1 hour. Scenario 2: If a player is impersonating staff or other players I would ask in both voice and text chat that impersonating is against the rules and that they must change their name to something appropriate and if they don’t I would kick them for 30mins and tell other staff members to watch out in case they try to impersonate again. Past Experiences: I have been a mod on a twitch channel called johnthesandman (this was 2 years ago) I was in this position for 4 months. Also, I actively report player on the discord and to mods and admin through steam msg. I also votekick and voteban where appropriate. Why should we accept you? I’m active with in the community playing on the awp server and interacting with the community hosting a pub quiz where I give out 100 credits prizes for correct answers, I try to have fun whilst not being vexing. Also, there are time where there is no admin/mod on and a votekick or ban would be appropriate action to give a player. I’d like to host more events and make the community a better place. Thank you for reading my app.
  12. In Game Name: Swifty Discord ID: Swifty#8890 SteamID: Age: 13 Time zone: GMT Playtime on CSGO: 1280hrs Playtime on XGC Servers: 00:43:46 hours Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? [Scenario 1] If a guy was being toxic, flaming somebody else maybe using some bad language I would politely ask them to stop and if they refuse or carry on with the toxicity i would mute them for a minimum of 10 mins depending on how bad their language is, if they were using racist insults for instance I would mute for 30mins minimum and if they carry on after that then I would kick them, if they carry on it would result in a 1 day ban. [Scenario 2] If I thought a guy was cheating then I wouldn't say anything just to give him time to toggle off, I would make an excuse like i was going AFK or eating or something (eg) And i would spectate him and as i have a lot of experience playing csgo and most of my friends cheat i am familiar with what cheats look like and how they work, It also helps that i am calm in most situations so i wouldn't just ban them out of frustration and if i come to a conclusion that they were cheating I would record it and save it in case they decide to Ban appeal And i wouldn't just spectate for 5 mins I would watch the suspect for at least 10 minutes to make a fair judgement. Past Experiences: I surprisingly have a lot more admin experience than a lot of people considering my age, I was admin on 4 different servers at once and i even co-owned a server doing stuff like going into the server files and doing all of the addons I have a lot of experience, Due to this I am very familiar with all of the commands in the Source Mod Admin addon so I know what i am doing. One of the servers I was admin on was actually a Vac Insecure server for people who had vac bans but just wanted to play csgo without buying another account, It was very difficult as an admin to maintain as it was vac secure people were cheating constantly so I REALLY got to know what cheats were like and all the different types of cheats too. Why should we accept you? You should accept me because I am a friendly person to play with, and in the other cases where I was admin on servers I was always the first person people would come to if they were getting flamed at or somebody was cheating in their game and I always kept to the guidelines never making any mistakes with maybe not warning somebody before a mute or a kick. Also because of my age obviously school would consume some of my time but after school or on a weekend I have no job and that means I have time to play on your servers. P.s I love your execute servers definitely the best executes out there Keep it up. Also I hope my age doesn't affect my application. I would also be a lot more active on discord rather than teamspeak.
  13. In Game Name: Tyler or Tye Discord ID: 293076700038823937 SteamID: Age: 16 Time zone: Greenwich mean time zone Playtime on CSGO: 2.5k + on all accounts Playtime on XGC Servers: 1 day and 19 mins Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? When someone is racist i would warn them about it and tell them to refrain from being racist, then if they do not stop i would server mute them. If someone joined the server and was cheating, i would first make sure that they are cheating. Then i would ban them or report then to a higher power. Past Experiences: I activaly report people who are cheating or being constantly racist, i also try to kick them since i am VIP. Why should we accept you? I play on the retake server alot, i am number 1 on the server and i would like it of the xgc community had no cheaters in it. i have reps from skill who is the new mod and derp the old mod.
  14. In Game Name:Jackle Discord ID:Jackle#1068 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:188785399 Age: im 16 Time zone: UK GMT +1 Playtime on CSGO:i have arround 170Hours CSGO But i was banned on my main account for griefing in Matchmaking Which doesn't look good id rather say it than you guys finding it out and that account has 674 Hours on i play at least 6hours of csgo a day and most of that is esea and XGC servers to warmup to play csgo because the executes servers are the best out there Playtime on XGC Servers:i have around 17 hours on the server as i play alot to warmup and fun games with friends Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? Scenario 1 - If a guy was being racist towards another player or in general in chat i would politely ask them to stop with the racism if they continued saying the racial slurs i would mute / Gag them for 10 Minutes and if they stopped after that everyone's happy but if he carry's on saying racial slurs he would be muted for 30 minutes because i think everyone deserves 3 chances at everything but if it carry's on i think a 24hour ban we be fair enough Scenario 2 - if i thought a guy was cheating on the servers i wouldn't call him out in chat because that might make him stop cheating and if he is cheating that is bad because if he leaves i wouldn't have sufficient proof he was cheating so i would watch him for a while let him play if he goes blatant e.g Spinbot, Obvious Aimbot / Wallhacks Then that would be a instant perm Ban but if he was just trying to act it off and play legit ish then i would go into spectate mode watch how he plays with x-ray on and see what he aims at (through walls) like close to players pre firing uncommon corners or through smokes or see if his aim is snappy if there are twitches constant while hes shooting someone that maybe be a case of Aim assist but if i dont think hes hacking i would ask a higher staff to watch him and see what he has to say so the false bans are to a minimum Past Experiences:i dont have any past experience with staffing on a csgo server im not going to lie Why should we accept you?you should accept me because i want to see the servers improve like less cheaters and less toxicity around the community and im very active on csgo and on discord which is the best place to contact me Thanks for reading it have a good Christmas -Jackle
  15. Application: In Game Name: Aphix_ Discord ID: Aphix_ #0360 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:70474240 Age: 17 Time zone: GMT Playtime on CSGO: 2810 Hours (As of 2/12/17) Playtime on XGC Servers: Well over 6-7 days worth (Last month alone was 4) Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? Scenario 1 - A user has entered the server and players have reported to myself that he has been aggressive or toxic, particularly to players who are lower on the scoreboard. Talking to the user, they remain hostile towards myself despite the information that I am an admin. Initially, one would resort to a Gag / block on communications such as text or voice, but I would enable them to continue playing. If the user begins to grief and shows signs of unfriendly conduct towards others (spamming profiles with comments, etc.) then a timeout ban of 30 minutes, to an hour would suffice. Obviously, further interactions with the user would result in a more permanent Ban. Scenario 2 - A user has entered the discord server with claims that there is acheater on a server. First, I would get the details of the suspected cheater (Steam ID) so if they leave before i can act, i can monitor them in the future. I would join the server the suspect is using, and monitor them closely for approximately 1-2 matches, to confirm my suspicions fully. If I find the suspect guilty of cheating , i would insta-ban them from all XGC servers and just as a sidenote, thank the user who reported the cheater for their cooperation. Past Experiences: Admined for GZS Retake Servers Why should we accept you? I practically live on XGC servers these days and come across cheaters / toxic people way too often. Everyone who plays regularly knows me and regards me as a skilled player and a nice guy. With over 2.8k hours, I like to think I can analyste when players are cheating very well ( I also do overwatch cases a lot to cement this belief ), and I also believe that I am mature in dealing with toxic players.