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Found 63 results

  1. CLOSED Staff application

    In Game Name: racsO Discord ID: M4STERY#6356 SteamID: Age: 16 Time zone: UTC Playtime on CSGO: 2,000hrs Playtime on XGC Servers: 00:19:46 hours Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? [Scenario 1] If a guy was being toxic, bullying somebody else maybe using some bad language I would politely ask them to stop and if they refuse or carry on with the bullying and toxicity i would mute them for a minimum of 10 mins depending how bad they are talking, if they were using racist insults for instance I would mute for 30minutes minimum and if they carry on after that then I would kick them, if they carry on it would result in a 1 day ban. [Scenario 2] If I thought a guy was cheating then I wouldn't say anything just to give him time to toggle off, I wouldjust say i had to go get something (eg) And i would spectate him and as i have a lot of experience playing csgo and i have been watching alot of overwatches on csgo. It also helps that i am calm in most situations so i wouldn't just ban them out of frustration and if i come to a conclusion that they were cheating. And i wouldn't just spectate for 5 mins I would watch the suspect for at least 10 minutes to make a fair judgement on hes suspicion. Past Experiences: I have a lot experience as a mod in some popular youtube and twitch chats, where ive been controlling the language consumption, spam and inappropriate links. Why should we accept you? You should accept me because I am a friendly person to play with, and in the other cases where I was mod in the chat, I was always the first person people would come ask to if they were getting flamed at or somebody was doing something inappropriate. Also because of my age obviously school would consume some of my time but after school or on a weekend I have no job and that means I have time to play on your servers.
  2. In Game Name: Mars / dez^ Discord ID: mars#1937 SteamID: STEAM_1:1:101393626 Age: 18 bitch Time zone: YOU KNOW IT. Playtime on CSGO: 2K HOURS BITCH. Playtime on XGC Servers: Fucking years!! Everyone knows me ^0^ Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? Mate, piss me off be disrespectful, muted. Fuck about with me and others be disrespectful to others. Suck a dick for 1hr coz ur muted. Cheat, your gay coz ur gonna have to suck scooters dick and get a perm ban. Bye. Past Experiences: Many past experiences in sword fights and shit with scoot. JKJK im a pro at being addy Why should we accept you? Mars. Thats why :*
  3. CLOSED Pedro Staff Application

    First of all Hello! I have been enjoying the awp server for quite some time now but i soon found out there were almost no mods/admins, thats why I want to be a staff member! Well lets start of with something about me, I am a 16 year old Dutch boy, that likes playing CSGO! I do have some experience as a Moderator, I have been a moderator for a Dutch youtuber for about a year. After this I started to play some new games like CSGO, and 442 ingame-hours later I am applying for staff on your server! I have played: 0d 09:48:50h on the AWP server (dont think that is a lot), but I think it is save to say that I am a active player? I don't have a lot of experience writing these kind of letters and I dont know what you guys want to know! But if there are any questions please just ask me! Kind regards, Pedro Ingame-Name: TheMexicanPedro 0d 09:48:50h (on server) Experience: 1 year moderator Dutch YouTube channel 442 Hours in CSGO
  4. CLOSED FragantDoge's Ban Appeal

    Steam ID (Click Here): 76561198362545285 Staff Member who banned you: Scotty Reason for Ban: Anoying a VIP Length of Ban: 7 days Date & Time Of Ban: 27rd Jan 2018, 19:30pm Other useful information: I don't even know what I did wrong, i am a good man, and i play all days in the server of awp. I give all my credits to [Mod] Sam, because I I like him, and he is good whith the awp. I would like to play now as I get bored. Thanks Scotty and the comunity of Xenogaming.
  5. CLOSED VIP gone on AWP server

    I did have VIP on the AWP server, but I went on the other day and realised I didn't have it any more. This was the perm version of VIP which I got a while back. Any possible way to give it back? Cheers c:
  6. CLOSED Cody's Ban Appeal

    Steam ID (Click Here): 76561198363036108 Staff Member who banned you: Sam Reason for Ban: Wall Hack Length of Ban: Perm Date & Time Of Ban: 23rd Jan 2018, 9:10pm Other useful information: I don't even know what I did wrong, I'm not good at all and did nothing fishy, I missed at least 80% of my shots and the mod didn't spectate me at all before banning me... I have no reason to be banned and this was one of the only good AWP servers I could find. Please unban me...
  7. CLOSED Ghost Admin

    A way to make admins come in the server unnoticed so cheaters won't stop cheating once they see the HUGE announcement that a Staff member is online. Like seriously, even a cheater is smart enough to stop cheating when a admin enters. Actually why does that have to be such a huge deal when a staff enters? makes absolutely no sense to me. Ohterwise love the servers but i come across alot of cheaters because the anti-cheat system is bollocks.
  8. CLOSED The new gamemode update

    So I found out today by playing that the gamemode is updated. Now each and every ct spawns where the push will be. If B rush every ct will spawn on B which is about 4 cts. If A split 2 cts spawn mid and 2 A site or all 4 on A site. Its a plus that u dont have to rotate sure but my experience is just ruined because its not realistic to a real game that all cts are gathered on the site. Why I like executes is because its as close as u can get to a real game, except for the poor spawns there were before, for example if it was an A execute on mirage no Ct would spawn on site, only ct and jungle but thats fine. Another thing thats so good with executes is that u get to defend a site, push a site, defend retake and retake. But now when all cts spawn together there is no retake and the push is not realistic because in a game there wont be 4 cts with m4s waiting for u on each round. My experience is pretty much ruined. Still worth the VIP ofc but I wont have any use of it anymore if you guys dont consider reverting the changes (if you can). Please explain a little bit. There are some plus factors in the new update compared to the old one but the negatives are just too many and too big for me to be able to have a good experience while playing on your servers. Please revert<3 Kind regards. Fiesk
  9. CLOSED Staff Application

    In Game Name: ArcheN Discord ID: robo#1752 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:36372905 Age: 16 Time zone: GMT+2 Playtime on CSGO: 1957 hrs Playtime on XGC Servers: I might have around 5 hours since I found out about executes servers ( ~week ago) but I am willing to go for more since I started using those servers for warmup Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? First Scenario: If someone is mic spamming and/or keeps insulting some other people or keep being toxic I would kindly ask them to stop it, but if they keep persisting I would mute them. If while muted they decide to stop playing and grief I would apply him a kick, And even after that he keeps doing what he did before I'll give him a ban of 30-60 minutes. Second Scenario: If someone says a player is cheating I would go spectator saying im gonna brb or something, and watch the suspect. If he does seem suspect I would start up a recording and get some proof of him cheating and then apply a permanent ban for cheating. I will record in case I get asked by a higher staff member why I banned him and thank the person/s who reported him. Past Experiences: I was staff before in a couple of my country's servers, retakes mostly but never in execute servers, since I didn't know they exist. Heh Why should we accept you? I should be accepted because with almost 2000 hours, I feel like I know when to spot cheaters, how to talk with people and hopefully make them being toxic,etc. I've been on the server and these 2 weeks I've seen many toxic players that either grief or are toxic to other people and no one is there to stop them. I am pretty active,I play CS daily and I say I would fit in for a staff role.
  10. CLOSED VIP gone on one specific server

    Hello guys! So I played executes on one server then suddenly my VIP was gone and wouldnt return. I could join other servers as a vip and I had the VIP tag before my name but just that one server I couldnt even join the reserved VIP slot. It said the usual "Disconnect: Dropped to due to VIP reservation, purchase vip at!.". When I finally was able to join I couldnt use the !vip command, it said something like "join the steam community group" and the tag wasnt there. Any clue why its gone and if it will be fixed?
  11. CLOSED MCDONOUGH0800 cheating

    Your SteamID : STEAM_0:0:119934675 Players SteamID : STEAM_0:0:244709167 What are you reporting him/her for? He's definitely cheating, in the evidence i actually recorded him admitting it so... He is also very blatant anyways Data & Time of event: 08/01/2018 21:57 Evidence: Skip to 1:58 And that's really all u need.. if u want him actually admitting it go to 2:55
  12. CLOSED Bots Bugged

    Your SteamID STEAM_0:0:119934675 What is the bug? Bots have been spawning and as a result we have to go to whatever spawn and kill them and it isn't much of an issue but it is annoying, also the smoke thrower bot isn't automatically killing himself and on maps like cache he messes up his smokes, he smoked ontop of the garage and stuff like that Evidence (If any): Data & Time of Bug Found: 04/01/2018 18:01 Good luck with fixing it! Thanks.
  13. CLOSED Skillinzo Admin Application

    I was told it would be a good idea to re-do my scenario questions so here is my update version! In Game Name: Discord ID: Skillinzo#6001 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:171713993 Age: 15 Time zone: GMT Playtime on CSGO: 930 Playtime on XGC Servers: 8 hours and 39 minutes. I understand the expected is around 24 hours and I'm far from it, however, I feel as my hours on CS:GO in general and my previous experience in server moderation really improves my overall skill in this sense. In addition, I have played enough of the server to truly understand the amount of toxic players that occur and how many cheaters I have seen blatantly get away with it. Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? -Scenario 1 - I join the server because there are reports of someone playing loud music down their microphone. If they are a known player and I am sure they are aware of the rules I would issue them a 10 - 20 minute mute for their first offence. If I don't recognise the player and their stats suggest they're new, I would perform a 2 minute mute warning them to stop, if they continued I would mute them again for 10 - 20 minutes and if they still fail to abide by the rules I would mute them for 1 hour. Scenario 2 - I am playing one of the servers and notice a player who is getting some fishy shots. I would join spectator mode and would record from the suspected players POV and re-watch the evidence and look for anything fishy (Pre-firing, unusual wallbanging etc). If I am unsure whether or not the person is hacking I would look for a second opinion and get a fellow admin into the server and look for themselves to help me out, to stop any false bans. If I am sure they are cheating I would permanently ban the player off of all XGC servers. Past Experiences: I was a moderator on the ENW servers on CS:GO and I've had a bunch of minecraft moderation, administration and managing experience, this is not directly linked to CS:GO but the skills I acquired such as: patience, responsibility and how I act upon rule violators was massively improved from that. Why should we accept you? Because I am extremely active on CS:GO and almost always online when I'm not at school or work. In addition, my ability to understand and react to situations well is good alongside my amazing talent of understand Spanish. Furthermore, I'm #1 on retakes!