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Found 6 results

  1. IMPORTANT Server Rules

    No Mic Spam, chat spam. No Racism. No Bug Exploiting. No Cheating, scripting etc. No offensive language in all chats. No impersonating staff members / other players. Private Profiles may be kicked if fishy.
  2. Important Bug Report Template

    Please ensure that you follow this format when reporting a bug otherwise your report will most likely will be declined. Your SteamID (Click here): What is the bug? Evidence (If any): Data & Time of Bug Found:
  3. Please ensure that you follow this format when reporting a player otherwise your report will most likely will be declined. Your SteamID (Click here): Players SteamID (Click here): What are you reporting him/her for? Data & Time of event: Evidence:
  4. Before applying for staff: Be active on our discord server. There is no point in giving someone staff that doesn't try to interact with other members and staff. We expect applicants to have at least 24 hours game time on our servers prior to applying, this shows that you've been with us for a while Having around 750 hours of game time in CSGO, we feel as if the longer you've played the game you'll develop a better understanding of cheats. We do not currently have an age restriction for our staff team, if you can prove to us that you're mature that will do fine. If you're a VIP, it will increase your chances as it shows you really do want to see the community grow and develop. We like our staff members to be active of a suitable amount, so if you don't play regularly your chances of being accepted will go down. Try to record any players for whatever reason before you ban them, so if they dispute you have evidence against them. DO NOT LIE IN YOUR APPLICATION! If you have found to be lying, you will be denied and revoked from applying ever again. Application: In Game Name: Discord ID: SteamID: Age: Time zone: Playtime on CSGO: Playtime on XGC Servers: Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? Past Experiences: Why should we accept you?
  5. IMPORTANT Ban Appeal Template

    Please ensure that you follow this format when appealing a ban otherwise your appeal will most likely will be declined. Steam ID (Click Here): Staff Member who banned you: Reason for Ban: Length of Ban: Date & Time Of Ban: Other useful information:
  6. Good evening, General Moved from XenForo to IPS. Updated Site Layout and Design, cleaner look and suits our community more. Moved website to a better server, so we should see better performance. Discord tab will link you directly to our discord. Bans page now defaults to the bans list, instead of loading all the servers which can take some time. Servers (2/12/2017) Updated AWP server store, Christmas themed. FPS improvements for all of our servers. Fixed crashes on execute servers. Adjustments to staff permissions. Please note that due to another hosting company error, we lost everything that we had on the web server, therefore stats will be completely reset, bans etc. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.