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Skillinzo Admin Application

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In Game Name: 

Discord ID: Skillinzo#6001

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:171713993

Age: 15

Time zone: GMT

Playtime on CSGO: 930

Playtime on XGC Servers: 5hrs 15 minutes. I understand the expected is around 24 hours and I'm far from it, however, I feel as my hours on CS:GO in general and my previous experience in server moderation really improves my overall skill in this sense. In addition, I have played enough of the server to truly understand the amount of toxic players that occur and how many cheaters I have seen blatantly get away with it.

Describe  in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? Scenario 1 - A user has joined the server and players have reported said user to myself that he has been promoting toxic behaviour and violating this rule, particularly to players who are lower on the scoreboard. Despite the fact they now understand I am an admin, they continue with their toxic behaviour towards myself and other users playing the server. Initially, I would execute a gag / mute (depending on how they are communicating: text / voice), however, I would allow the violator to continue playing. If the user begins to show their wrong doing in form of their actions (griefing etc) then I would perform a ban of 30 minutes and if he dares continue I would ban him for another 60 minutes. If the user decides they want to be most of a pest and continues with his rule violation, I would slowly move towards a permanent ban.   

 Scenario 2 - A user playing on one of the servers PM's me to inform me there is a cheater on the servers. To begin with I would gather details of the suspected cheater (Steam account, SteamID) this is so that in the future monitoring suspected player would be a lot easier and I would be more efficient to banning them if they are cheating.. I would join the server the suspect is playing, if I notice any fishy shots after monitoring the player for approximately 1-2 matches, to ensure I do not falsely ban anyone. If I find the suspect guilty of cheating , I would perm ban the user from all XGC servers.

Past Experiences: I was a moderator on the ENW servers on CS:GO and I've had a bunch of minecraft moderation, administration and managing experience, this is not directly linked to CS:GO but the skills I acquired such as: patience, responsibility and how I act upon rule violators was massively improved from that.

Why should we accept you? Because I am extremely active on CS:GO and almost always online when I'm not at school or work. In addition, my ability to understand and react to situations well is good alongside my amazing talent of understand Spanish. Furthermore, I'm #1 on retakes <3


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If I'm being 100% honest. I could, if admins wanted me to, re-do my scenarios - but my pure understanding is there and that is what they're looking for; I was struggling to think of scenarios off the top of my head so I look for inspiration.

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