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I would like to become mod or admin.

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In Game Name: Tyler or Tye

Discord ID:  293076700038823937


Age:   16

Time zone:    Greenwich mean time zone

Playtime on CSGO:   2.5k + on all accounts

Playtime on XGC Servers:   1 day and 19 mins

Describe  in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do?     When someone is racist i would warn them about it and tell them to refrain from being racist, then if they do not stop i would server mute them.  If someone joined the server and was cheating, i would first make sure that they are cheating. Then i would ban them or report then to a higher power.

Past Experiences:   I activaly report people who are cheating or being constantly racist, i also try to kick them since i am VIP.

Why should we accept you?   I play on the retake server alot, i am number 1 on the server and i would like it of the xgc community had no cheaters in it. i have reps from skill who is the new mod and derp the old mod.

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