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Staff Application

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In Game Name: ArcheN 

Discord ID: robo#1752

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:36372905

Age: 16

Time zone: GMT+2

Playtime on CSGO: 1957 hrs

Playtime on XGC Servers: I might have around 5 hours since I found out about executes servers ( ~week ago) but I am willing to go for more since I started using those servers for warmup

Describe  in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do?

First Scenario: If someone is mic spamming and/or keeps insulting some other people or keep being toxic I would kindly ask them to stop it, but if they keep persisting I would mute them. If while muted they decide to stop playing and grief I would apply him a kick, And even after that he keeps doing what he did before I'll give him a ban of 30-60 minutes.

Second Scenario: If someone says a player is cheating I would go spectator saying im gonna brb or something, and watch the suspect. If he does seem suspect I would start up a recording and get some proof of him cheating and then apply a permanent ban for cheating. I will record in case I get asked by a higher staff member why I banned him and thank the person/s who reported him.

Past Experiences: I was staff before in a couple of my country's servers, retakes mostly but never in execute servers, since I didn't know they exist. Heh

Why should we accept you? I should be accepted because with almost 2000 hours, I feel like I know when to spot cheaters, how to talk with people and hopefully make them being toxic,etc. I've been on the server and these 2 weeks I've seen many toxic players that either grief or are toxic to other people and no one is there to stop them. I am pretty active,I play CS daily and I say I would fit in for a staff role.

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It's a good application and goes into good detail, personally I've never really seen/heard of you before, especially in the discord.. which is important.

Try involving yourself more with the community in discord etc, even typing in the text channels, stuff like that all helps. 

Once you feel you have done this, or I have seen you make an effort to do so, I will then reconsider this application.

Good luck!

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