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Staff Application

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In-Game Name: ✪ Swift | CSOFFER.ME

Steam ID (Click Here)

Discord ID: #8168

Age: 15

Time Zone (GMT): 12:03

Region (UK or EU): UK

Playtime on CSGO: 500+

Playtime on XGC Servers: ???

Past Experiences: None

What are your typical hours per week on our servers?: 20 hours

Do you have a functioning microphone and/or headset? : Yeah, but get nervous to talk.

Detailed Questions:

Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do?:

If the player is breaking one of the rules, I would warn them. If they continusly breaking the rules, they would get kicked or banned depending on what they have done.


What skills do you have that may contribute to our community?:

Might create new commands and maybe useful in the future.


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Hi, thanks for applying.

First off, I feel your hours are too low in CS:GO. This is important because you will lack the experience needed to tell a good player apart from a cheater. We can't have false bans being dished out as it ruins our relationship with the community.

Secondly, you're only 15, while this usually wouldn't be a problem, combined with the low hours, it tells me you would not be mature enough in many scenarios to approach a toxic or cheating player appropriately. 

Furthermore, your explanation of how to handle 2 scenarios is too brief and you have only written for one scenario. The fact they're brief tells me you wouldn't know how to confidently and correctly handle the case.

If you would still like to try for admin, consider joining our discord and talking there with us regularly so we can get to know you. It's hard to judge someone by a wall of text in a forum, so drop by sometime. We now do ten mans fairly regularly which is a good way to get to know us all.




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