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Scotty Said this to my application

I  hope you're not serious about this application.. I think you forgot to mention the multiples times I've been called to a server by other staff members because of you breaking multiple rules... racism, abusing VIP privileges and even being a smartass to one of my staff members.. not even gonna mention the times you've tried to beef me and lie to me about what you've done.

I wanna point out that this in our staff requirements.. Then you say this in your staff application...

  On 08/04/2018 at 6:19 PM, Rozza said:

I would bring happiness and joy to the community by keeping all the scumbags away. I will suport players in need and punish those that break the rules that keep this community  a great place.

It's just not true, and awfully contradicting. I also take that as a form of not being 'honest' because I know what type of person you are.

Application Denied.


Im just going to say that, I dont know what you mean by all this, ive never been racist, never abused my VIP privilieges. We havent really talked to one another so i dont what you mean by this "you breaking multiple rules" if i have broken rules then why haven't i been banned. Also "I think you forgot to mention the multiples times I've been called to a server" Ive only seen you in one of the XGC Execute Servers" so i dont what you mean. Also " I know what type of person you are." how is this, as i said earlier we havent even talked to one another and i never see you on the server.

Everything about my application was true and from my heart. Im passionate about this XGC community, that is why i  donated to the servers, that why ive spent over 100 hours on you're severs and i would like to help maintain this community, that is why im fighting to become a staff member.

So Scotty yes im serious about this application and yes ive been completely honest. So i please, i ask you to reconsider my staff application denial because i really want to help this community.


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Honestly mate, If Scotty denies your app this isn't the best of ways to make yourself look better. You are clearly passionate and thats awesome but maybe allow the situation to cool down  for a couple of days before venting your emotions all over the forum. 


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