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Ban "Appeals" & "Disputes"

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Main Idea: Allowing there to be two different sections, one (1) being to allow people to apologize for what they have done to receive a shortened ban length / unban and then move the current "appeal" to a dispute section, where if a member feels that she/he has been falsely banned that they can dispute and have it reviewed by a higher ranking staff member (admin / owner)

Example: I have banned User @Hv^ for 1 week regarding said player being racist, he creates a post x amount of time after being banned and promises to not do it again / apologize for what he has done, it is then up to THE BANNING STAFF MEMBERS (me for this example) discretion on whether he should be un-banned or not, meaning that unless an Admin+ got involved no other Mod could get involved on my appeal.

Pros: Allows members to get back into the community after a heated dispute giving them a sort of second chance, allows members to take responsibility and return quicker.

Cons:  ????

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