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Main Idea:  Adding a clear set of forum rules under the "Info and Rules" sub forum.

Example: This is something I've drafted over the last 10 minutes or so that will allow players to have a better understanding of what IS and ISN'T allowed on the forums.

  1. Disrespectful behavior - users are expected act professionally and respectfully at ALL times, this is in the broadest sense and must be followed.
  2. Racism and Discrimination - Racism and discrimination is not allowed in any context on the forums or server. 
  3. Slander - Accusing players of performing certain actions is likely to lead to a hostile environment, for this reason we require that if you wish to report a player you use the "Report players" section on the forums or contact a staff member.
  4. Causing problems - Any attempts to cause a reaction (negative)  from another player will not be tolerated, this is including (but not limited to): Lying, manipulating and the three (3) rules listed above.
  5. Malicious activity - Any forms of malicious activity such as Spamming, fishing, hacking will not be tolerated and will lead to a permanent ban from the forums.
  6. Posting and Replying - Users are to only reply to administrative threads such as: Ban Appeals and Report a Player when directly involved with the situation or if said player can provide anymore background information that may help a staff member make his final decision. 

 Pros: Gives players a better understanding of what is and isn't allowed on the forums.

Cons:  ????

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Good post I'll be working on better Rules, Procedures, and Ethics list soon I will also send you over a draft for feedback on it :D

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