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Darren's Application

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In Game Name: Darren♔

Discord ID:Darren#9809

SteamID: STEAM_1:1:78621192

Age: 20

Time zone:GMT

Playtime on CSGO: 1400hrs (+700hrs on smurf)

Playtime on XGC Servers: I don't know the exact play time but I have been playing on your execute servers for a few months now on and off, 

Describe  in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? 

Scenario 1 

If a player joined the game with Aimbot/Wallhack, I would spectate the player for as long as necessary until I am 100% positive the suspect is cheating I will then inform him of the rules he has just broken before kicking/banning him from the server. 

Scenario 2

If a player is griefing i.e Being toxic towards other players, calling out positions and/or using foul language over VOIP I would again be sure to witness the suspect committing these acts first hand Before Punishing the suspect depending on how sever the case is.

Past Experiences: I have been in a moderator/admin role countless times in the past 7 years whether that be Bunny hop servers on cs, Minecraft servers and was also an admin on Los Santos RolePlay (SAMP)  back a good few years ago.

Why should we accept you?

I believe I should be accepted due to the fact that I Love being part of the community you have and would love for a chance to help improve the experience for other players whether that be answering any questions they may have or dealing with any problems that persist. I feel I would be a good moderator because I am a people person who strives in givings customers a great customer experience and can maintain a standard of professionalism. 

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If you don't mind me asking, which genre of our servers do you play on?


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I mostly play 100% of the time on Execute servers but I have recently started playing on the AWP servers as well as I practice quite a lot.

Edited by Darren♔

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Seem like a good guy, been in discord a few times - i'm gonna accept this application. Good job man! You will receive your permissions soon!

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