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  2. ✪ Sean
  3. ajaks.
    ajaks. VoXzE
    That's pretty much all from me, my steam account is:
    Thank you for your time, I appreciate you reading this post.

    You hereby agree to follow our Rules & Policies (Agree)
  4. ajaks.
    ajaks. VoXzE
    I'm a chilled out British Student looking to relax and play cs. I'm a pretty talkative guy that is down to have a great conversation about a topic of interest. I've met some pretty cool people and make some pretty great friends that I've actually ended up meeting over seas all from retake.
  5. ajaks.
    ajaks. VoXzE
    Question 14) Did a staff member recommend you to apply for admin, if so who and why:

    A) No staff member asked me to apply, I went out of my way to find out if I could.
  6. ajaks.
    ajaks. VoXzE
    Question 13)

    A) I take care of the situation myself by warning them, muting / kicking / banning. Once the situation is dealt with I ask the other admin why they didn't act on the situation with me, if I feel that the response I'm given is inappropriate then I will report to a staff member.
  7. ajaks.
    ajaks. VoXzE
    Question 12) If a player was breaking the rules of the server by spamming or being racist what actions would you take:

    A) I would tell them to stop instantly, if they didn't they would be muted. I would give them a final verbal warning threatening to temporarily ban them, if they then refuse to listen I either temporarily ban them or permanently ban them where they can then try to appeal on the site.
  8. ajaks.
    ajaks. VoXzE
    For the scenarios:
    Question 11) Most players on the server aren't respecting you as an admin, and are ignoring what you say or even harassing you. What do you do?

    A) Block communications, if they are harassing other people then I mute them for a temporary amount of time, once they have been unmuted I give them a verbal warning threatening them with a temporary ban.
  9. ajaks.
    ajaks. VoXzE
    I play 2 hours a day 7 days a week and I feel like when i play on the servers there are small problems like an AFK bot or griefer, toxic or a cheater that can cause users to have a unpleasant time, due to me witnessing so many of these scenarios I believe that if I were an admin I could sort these problems out.
  10. ajaks.
    ajaks. VoXzE
    I haven't been with XGC however I have been a user of the servers for a very long time now, I probably use the servers at least once or twice a day so i believe that I could create a positive impact on the users.
  11. ajaks.
    ajaks. VoXzE
    Hey, (I've had to split this post into a lot of different posts because of the size cap)

    My names Ajaks (Lucas) and i'm trying to apply for admin. Here is my application

    I'm 17 year old male living in the United Kingdom
  12. MoN0
  13. Kasperr ツ
    Kasperr ツ
    What's Popping.
  14. MoN0
  15. dickson
    suh dude
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    1. VoXzE
      same here omg ttyl beky
      Oct 4, 2017
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  16. RageOrigin
    i need help from admin
  17. Scotty
    Scotty RageOrigin
    1. RageOrigin
      i did it and it doesnt work pls help
      Sep 26, 2017
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  19. Static
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