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by VoXzE at 1:33 AM
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Recently I have been working towards releasing a different gamemode for the community, this new gamemode will be "BattleRoyale".

The server is only in it's early stages and there is still many things to be added
• Track individual wins and display on scoreboard
• Kill messages in chat

There will be bugs / glitches as the server has just been released so if you do come across any please let me know.
The way the stats system works is as followed:
• You gain 5 points for every kill you gain. (I am going to change this so that you gain different points depending on the weapon you are using)
• You gain 2 points for being the round MVP
• You do not lose any points.

The server is 32 slots and hosted on our main dedicated server, this should provide good performance and latency for most people.

by VoXzE at 12:49 AM
(66 Views / 1 Likes)
Hello everyone!
After a long 24 hours of working hard to get the website etc back online, and reconfiguring 30+servers databases, we have finally completed this and to my knowledge, everything is fully functional!
Although everything is back online, we still have a few implications. This mainly being all of the VIP's will need to register up to the website again in order for me to grant them VIP.

If you were a VIP and have sent me proof of the payment, please make sure to register on the website again. This will help speed up the process of getting all of the VIP's their rank back.

Much love to my guy,
VoXzE for the help in getting everything back online.

Moving away from that, I have upgraded a few plugins on our servers..

You will need to...
by VoXzE at 4:54 PM
(70 Views / 0 Likes)
Hello, due to issues with the web server. ALL CS:GO servers will be down until further notice. Since our whole database has been corrupted and lost. this means the following happened.

• All player bans wiped.
• Stats have reset.
• All website users are gone.
All VIP ranks were lost during this

I will ask all VIP's to message me on the website with the following:

• Paypal email used to purchase VIP

Paypal transaction ID on the purchase.

• Your STEAM ID (e.g - STEAM_0:1:124977459)

Have a good day,

XGC Administration Team.