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This package gives you access to many special features such as:

★ Reserved slot on ALL of our servers. (use "connect {server IP}" in console to join a full server)

★ Access to !VIP menu (Full Kevlar Armour, Defuse Kit, Zeus, VIP Weapons)

★ Access to !nades on our retake servers

★ Access to !sprays 

★ Access to !nametag for your weapons

★ Access to !colors  (Change your text colour)

★ Access to the VIP section on the forums.

★ Access to our music bot on discord

★ Private Discord Channel (Just ask Scotty)

★ VIP Tag on Discord / In-Game Scoreboard / In-Game Chat


This package is for all of our servers, the minimum payment is £5. Due to how our donation system now works, it requires an admin to process the purchase manually. (If you do not receive your VIP after 2-4 hours, please open a support ticket or contact an admin on steam)