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Join the #1 Growing CSGO community with over 40+ Active servers and a large variety of game modes, including our exclusive Executable servers to help train your communication and teamwork. Launched in 2016, we have been consistently growing at an exponential rate. Whether you’re a casual player, hardcore 18 hour a day gamer, Xeno Gaming is here to cater for you. Checkout our exclusive Partnership program for the content creators out there.

What is Xeno-Gaming

Founded in 2016, Xeno-Gaming is an evergrowing and expanding Gaming Community with the goal of bringing gamers together. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore gamer, we are here to cater! With over 40+ Active servers on CSGO and a large variety of game modes, our main market is Execute servers based in the EU.

Market Leading
Execute Servers

We're constantly adjusting, adding and updating our world famous Execute servers. Derived from Splewis' public plugin, we review professional matches and take suggestions from our public to keep you constantly on your toes!

Welcome to the
Gamer Cave!

Come join our Discord server, for all things gamer! We chill, watch movies, play games and more! Growing by the day we're constantly updating around our community. Have your say and join in!