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Anti-Flanking Plugin!

After much concern from the community, we have developed a working plugin that will mitigate the issue with people not following the strategies.

TL;DR - How it Works
- We place an invisible barrier where T's cannot pass
- CT's can walk through these walls, T's cannot.
- If the bomb is thrown at the barrier, it'll be thrown back to the player that threw it. If that player is dead/missing at that point, it'll be respawned.


What the Problem Was
- If we allowed Flanking, then technically no one could follow the strats, therefore making the gamemode useless. The community prefered that flanking wasn't allowed.
- Due to the amount of people who didn't read the rules/were ignorant the strats, the administration time to manage and ban flankers was too much. We were getting over 1,000 reports per day, just for flankers.
- If we used the 'Fence' plugin from retakes, we would have to spawn CT's closer to the site, negating the Execute gamemode of CT's having to react according to the comms.

- Create invisible walls, that CT's can pass through, but T's cannot.
- Ensure grenades can pass
- Ensure Bomb cannot pass - Use the same function that Valve implemented to throw back to the player. Would be awkward if the bomb got stuck on the other side of the invisible wall and the T's couldn't pick it up.


If you find any bugs regarding this plugin, please contact us on Discord.