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Join the #1 Growing CSGO community with over 40+ Active servers and a large variety of game modes, including our exclusive Executable servers to help train your communication and teamwork. Launched in 2016, we have been consistently growing at an exponential rate. Whether you’re a casual player, hardcore 18 hour a day gamer, Xeno Gaming is here to cater for you. Checkout our exclusive Partnership program for the content creators out there.

IMPORTANT, NEW RULES ACROSS ALL SERVERS, INCLUDING THE RETURN OF NO-FLANKING ON OUR EXECUTE SERVERS https://xeno-gaming.co.uk/no-flanking/ Surf Server | 85.3 Tick, Skill Surf - - Additional Store Models, Trails and More! DM Server | - Multi Mode Deathmatch server - 5mins Pistol, - 5mins Pistol HS Only - 5mins Rifle - 5mins Rifle HS Only 1v1 Server | - Fixed Store AWP

Following our previous post about the the implementation of our new Store, we’ve RESET all stats and credits. We’ve decided to reward the top players, of the past ‘season’ since the last reset in November, with some of one of our new VIP packages which you can read about in this post. Whilst we've reset credits

We’ve Rebranded from the ‘Xeno Gaming Community’ to Xeno-Gaming! Whilst it's a small change, it gives us room to expand the brand and expand into new things. XGC will still remain on CSGO servers, but Xeno-Gaming will be used moving forward on all branded material.   Checkout our branding documentation at https://xeno-gaming.co.uk/branding

Hello, The following changes have been made to the servers: YOU SHOULD NO LONGER SEE ERROR BOXES. Removed glove models from the store temporarily so we can fix the errors they are causing. Added new items to our !store in place of the glove models. Fixed A site cobblestone spawn. Added our new !vip menu, this removes the !vipextra

Hello, The following changes have been made to the servers: Enabled sv_prime_accounts_only to go alongside the anti-cheat. Removed !tp and !mirror from executes, as they were never supposed to be there. Added a HUD message, which appears a few times per game. On another note, there will be a bigger update towards the end of this week involving !storechanges, !vip changes and a new