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Additions• Added support for the new operation weapon knifes and skins to !ws• Added customisable icons that you can buy via !store to show on the scoreboard next to your name. Prices are 2500 credits per icon. (example below)• Added the new Operation Shattered Web player models to our in-game !store. Prices start

Adjusted executes, spawns and nade allocation across all maps. (These are still subject to change)Fixed our chat filter to help make our servers a friendlier place to play.Adjusted and removed several in-game chat messages.Fixed an issue related to the store knifes not working as expected If you encounter any more issues or have any

  Server IP: mc.xeno-gaming.co.ukGamemode: Hardcore Survival (No Mods)Version:  1.14.4 https://mcstore.xeno-gaming.co.uk/https://discordapp.com/invite/CyHPzh6 Due to popular demand, and whilst we develop our main Minecraft Network: To Include Prisons, Survival, Plots, PvP and More. We have decided to temporarily launch a hardcore survival server that requires whitelist to access. This will then be ported to the main hub server when

HOTFIXES - 09/08/2019 Added hotfix for smoke radar glitch (Please message us if the issue continues)Added Rock the Vote to all Servers (!RTV)Adjusted spawns and executes on ruby, d2, mirage, cbble and cacheFixed issue where you would spawn in T-Spawn on certain strats Servers may be down for a 10 minute period during implementation

SUMMER SALE IS LIVE Our first ever summer sale is live for VIP packages, up to 25% off on selected VIP ranks https//store.xeno-gaming.co.uk CREDITS HAVE BEEN RESETDue to performance upgrades with Store items, we have had to reset all Store Purchases. All Credit Purchases, Store Items have been reset! Don’t worry if you have purchased VIP