Xeno-Gaming – Warmup Properly

Join the #1 Growing CSGO community with over 40+ Active servers and a large variety of game modes, including our exclusive Executable servers to help train your communication and teamwork. Launched in 2016, we have been consistently growing at an exponential rate. Whether you’re a casual player, hardcore 18 hour a day gamer, Xeno Gaming is here to cater for you. Checkout our exclusive Partnership program for the content creators out there.


Common sense applies to ALL rules, attempting to aggressively loophole a rule will be warned.

    1. We have a Zero Tolerance policy on racism, directed insults, anyone caught will result in a permanent mute.
    2. No Text/Voice Spam (Music, screaming, arguing, insulting etc) – Even if it’s between friends, you’re not the only ones on the server.
    3. No use of audio manipulation tools, or music players.
    4. No external links.
    5. No cheating (obviously) or exploiting; Use of external tools to manipulate gameplay, BHOP scripts, aim, etc or Exploiting any bugs within a game/gamemode or map design.
    6. Do not impersonate or attempt to impersonate a staff member, or a member with authority.
    7. If one of your accounts has been temporarily banned, and you’re caught evading the ban on an alternate account all accounts associated will be permanently banned.
    8. If you are caught baiting, camping, or running away during any game mode to avoid loss of points it will be seen as an act of griefing and handled appropriately
    9. Do not abuse !calladmin; Abusing the !calladmin feature on a player not breaking the rules, will be seen as a malicious attempt to waste Admins time.
    10. No delaying rounds
    11. Staff have the Final Say; Respect all Staff decisions, they choose how the rules are enforced
    12. If you’d like to report a Staff member of Admin Abuse by manipulating/breaking the rules, please raise the request on our forums; https://xeno-gaming.co.uk/forums/forum/11-report-players/


!store – Access to our Store plugin
!VIP – Access to the exclusive VIP menu
!calladmin – Use this if there is someone breaking the rules on the server
rank – Shows your rank
next – Shows the players next to your rank
nextmap – Displays next map


Toxic/Inappropriate: First a warning, if they continue after warning a 30 min mute/gag.
Mic spam: First a warning, if they continue after warning a 30 min mute.
Ghosting: First a warning, if they continue after warning a 30 min mute.
Racism: No warning, instant 30 min mute.
AFK: If you are sure someone is AFK you kick him/her.
Griefing: First a warning, if they continue after warning a 30 min ban.
Cheating: Record enough evidence, then perm ban. All recordings must be kept for at least 48 hours.


Unfortunately with our current system, if you wish to choose a higher package you have to pay the FULL PRICE of the next package up. For example if you have the £3.50 and want to upgrade to the £4.99 package the week after, you would have to pay an extra £4.99, so it’s worth waiting until the end of the month to upgrade your package.


If you only want some credits, why not check out our in-game credits only section; http://store.xeno-gaming.co.uk/category/1282895


On the 1st of March 2019, we changed our VIP policy to be monthly, this was to help us keep ontop of the growing cost of services we provide to the community. You can see more about this at: https://xeno-gaming.co.uk/vipchanges/


On the 18/02/2019 we rebranded from XenoGamingCommunity to Xeno-Gaming for a more distinct and versatile brand giving us better future proofing options on expansion.


We have a Privacy Policy which has been updated to cover GDPR. Please see; https://xeno-gaming.co.uk/testing/privacy/