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  1. MrGibbs

    iGi Ban Appeal

    Hey iGi, You seemed like a nice chap when I spoke to you on multiple occasions, however you continued to ignore us. If you were to be unbanned, can I trust that you will not abuse !calladmin and respect our rules? If you want to use !calladmin, please ensure you record video evidence to support your claims. Regards, MrGibbs
  2. MrGibbs

    i get banned for nothing

    Hey, Thank you for submitting a ban appeal, you were banned by woke for 1 hour (which has expired as of me writing this) for ignoring him whilst we was warning you in the server. Thank you for bringing your account to my attention, I've reviewed your chatlog and can see you're an unpleasant and very toxic member of the community. You repeatedly use the word "Faggot" and appear to give away team mates positions, these are clearly against our rules which you proceed to accept every time you join our servers. For wasting your time with a useless ban appeal and being toxic on our services, I've banned your account for 1 week, and provided you with a permanent mute which you can appeal after 1 month. https://stats.xeno-gaming.co.uk/player_histories/chat/120523?chat_list_order=eventTime&chat_list_order_type=desc&chat_list_goto=1&chat_list_showrows=50#chat_list Regards, MrGibbs
  3. MrGibbs

    Ban for the skill, never played with cheats

    Good Morning, I've checked the SteamID you provided on our systems, however I cannot see it on our system; STEAM_0:1:441814236 Could you confirm with a screenshot?
  4. MrGibbs


    Thank you for your report. Killua was known to us for trolling and had been warned multiple times. Action has now been taken against the user to stop him in the future.
  5. MrGibbs

    Flanking Rule Changes

    As of March 2nd 2019, we removed the "No Flanking" rule on our execute servers. Whilst we still wish to enforce this, and are working for a more permanent solution, unfortunately it was taking to much time from our staff to enforce. We're in contact with some developers, and may work to implement a plugin in the future, however for now you will not be punished for Flanking. HOWEVER, If you are caught; baiting, camping, or running away during any game mode to avoid loss of points it will be seen as an act of griefing and handled appropriately. Taking too long to "flank" is classed as baiting.
  6. Common sense applies to ALL rules, attempting to aggressively loophole a rule will be warned. We have a Zero Tolerance policy on racism, directed insults, anyone caught will result in a permanent mute. No Text/Voice Spam (Music, screaming, arguing, insulting etc) – Even if it’s between friends, you’re not the only ones on the server. No use of audio manipulation tools, or music players. No external links. No cheating (obviously) or exploiting; Use of external tools to manipulate gameplay, BHOP scripts, aim, etc or Exploiting any bugs within a game/gamemode or map design. Do not impersonate or attempt to impersonate a staff member, or a member with authority. If one of your accounts has been temporarily banned, and you’re caught evading the ban on an alternate account all accounts associated will be permanently banned. If you are caught baiting, camping, or running away during any game mode to avoid loss of points it will be seen as an act of griefing and handled appropriately Do not abuse !calladmin; Abusing the !calladmin on a player, that is not breaking the rules, will be seen as a malicious attempt to waste Admins time. No delaying rounds Staff have the Final Say; Respect all Staff decisions, they choose how the rules are enforced If you’d like to report a Staff member of Admin Abuse by manipulating/breaking the rules, please raise the request on our forums; https://xeno-gaming.co.uk/forums/application/form/3-report-player-form/ Command List !store – Access to our Store plugin !VIP – Access to the exclusive VIP menu !tags !calladmin – Use this if there is someone breaking the rules on the server !reset (or type rs in console) rank – Shows your rank next – Shows the players next to your rank nextmap – Displays next map

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