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Welcome to Xeno-Gaming!

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  1. ✪︎ Jester

    Bazzi ツ Staff Application

    Looks like sort of an OK application to me but I believe you could have improved it a lot more in certain areas. Firstly, I have no idea where you got the Server Playtime of "5 Hrs, 41 MIn, 52 Sec" (unless you have multiple accounts which you use. If yes, then please state them below). Your original Server Playtime, as shown, should be "2 Hrs, 24 MIn, 38 Sec" .You can check your exact playtime here :- http://xeno-gaming.co.uk/playtime/ Nonetheless, minimum requirement for the Server Playtime should atleast be around 1 Day or more (2-3 Days can be considered good). Secondly, I personally have never seen you online on the XGC Discord Server. One of the prime requirements to apply for Staff is to be live and active on the Discord Server. For the third question asked :- I believe you can provide a bit more than just saying that you are a reliable person based on no past examples or deeds. But I think this is up for the other Moderators and Senior Admins to decide on 🙂 I hope you can check these given points and make relevant improvements. In any case, good luck with your application. Enjoy and have fun on the servers!
  2. ✪︎ Jester

    🏳️‍🌈⃠sm0ak9🏳️‍🌈⃠⠅҈͚͛ Staff Application

    Hi, you've got a very decent application as suggested by mch and confirmed by HeaveN. Your application is currently 'Under Review' for all the Senior-Admins to confirm and comment on. I could say that you have passed the first stage of submitting a very good application along with getting reviewed by the Senior-Admin. But this still does not confirm your acceptance. In a few days or so you will be notified if your application was accepted or not - in both Discord and here on the Forums. So stay alert and you will be told soon enough! Good luck with your application! Enjoy and have fun on the servers!

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