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  1. smoll fish

    Activation of VIp+

    Hello Scotty I sent you a PM with my Steam ID but as I haven't heard back from you yet, I'll post it again in here https://steamcommunity.com/id/as_kite/. Thx for the support 🙂
  2. smoll fish

    Cache strats adjustment

    Oh ok, thanks for the clarification 😄 It was always very hard for me to restrain myself from going main, but as it seems I can do it with good conscience.
  3. smoll fish

    Cache strats adjustment

    First off, I think the strats on Cache are well balanced for both CTs and Ts, with the only exception being the “Mid to B” start. By forcing all the Terrorists to go through a single tight chokepoint (Vents) you put the CTs in an extremely strong position where all they must do is simply camp highway/Whitebox and Vent room. Mostly in Vent room they theoretically only have to focus on one tight chokepoint (as there shouldn’t be any Ts coming main in theory) and can hide in spaces where the Ts are unable to see them until the very moment they jump out of vent. This leads to a lot of Ts pushing the mid smokes to peek highway or going B main to flank the CTs hiding in Vent room to even out the playing field. My suggestion would be to make the “Mid to B” strat a more “B split” kind of strat where you would have (in a 5 v 5 example) 2 Ts on main and 3 in Middle going through vents. This would make the strat more balanced for both sides and would lead to less people flanking B main (which is currently breaking the rules to my understanding?). Just my two cents, maybe something to consider.
  4. smoll fish

    Activation of VIp+

    Hello Guys I made the mistake of buying VIP+ before I got the normal VIP, so now I have VIP activated but not VIP+. I've bought VIP+ on 25.12.2018 , when I bought the normal VIP on 21.01.2019 it was activated pretty quickly, if you could activate VIP+ aswell, that would be nice :>

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