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  1. super sus

    super sus Staff Application

    Yep here it is, also on mitch's link
  2. super sus

    super sus Staff Application

    Hi HeaveN, thanks for your reply- according to the playtime link on the staff app form, my playtime is currently around 12 days and 3 hours. I know I've played a whole lot more than 11 hours on this server overall . Are you referring to after the server reset? If so I'll change it. Hope this clears things up.
  3. Alias: sssuper sus Name: Jacob Matusiewicz STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:76891567 Discord ID: St0rm#8187 Age: 17 Language: English, Polish, German, Spanish Do you have a microphone?: 1 Can you record your gameplay?: 1 Server Region: EU Server Playtime: 11 Days, 20 Hrs, 41 Min, 7 Sec Past Experiences: No past experience in moderating How much time per week can you dedicate to moderating?: 2-3 hours per day, max 4 on weekends. What qualities do you have that stand out above others? : My knowledge of languages, I can understand and get along with most (from EU at least...). Some knowledge of computer science (from a school course)- can grasp how servers work and how they're maintained. Been watching the pro scene, and learning about hacks and demo signs for years- can recognise what makes cheats vs what makes skill. Why should we choose you over another applicant?: My languages, my devotion to this server (based on my playtime in it). Having played CS:GO for over 3000 hours now, I'm deeply interested in how the game and player-base develops and this server is a part of that. I'm very unbiased initially, I think this game had a lot less cheaters than people made out, and that the number is still declining. I also think it's easy to make legit gameplay look fishy if that's what you are searching for. I would give each clip a fair assessment and follow the "innocent until proven guilty" rule. Finally, I like playing fair and fun on the server, and do not look kindly upon those who bait / flank excessively. I'm looking out for every player's enjoyment as much as possible, and I think this would make me a good mod. A player has been reported for cheating, you are the first staff member to join the server. Other players think he/she is fishy but you cannot get hard evidence on them, what should you do?: Keep spectating, look out for signs. In the meantime, check in other areas (fishy profile, low play hours, no commends, etc.) If it persists I might get a fellow staff to assess it / take a clip or two to review. If I can't get evidence, I'd leave it- everyone has good days. A players starts to harass you and infuriate you, he ignores your instructions to stop, how do you handle this? : Ignore it temporarily - it's the internet and everyone needs a thick skin. If it persists / if they begin harassing me or others directly (blocking / team-flashing / throwing), I'd consider a timeout. If it still continues I'd consider progressively longer time-outs (e.g 30 min, 60 min, 2 hours, etc.)

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