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Welcome to Xeno-Gaming!

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  1. OllyeJ

    Lapaludan Staff Application

    A good amount of playtime with a great number of hours which can be dedicated to the servers. However, I do not see you on the discord server: https://discord.gg/9bXE4WU Overall a decent application. Good Luck!
  2. OllyeJ

    Ti Staff Application

    A great amount of playtime with good past experiences and a good amount of time can be dedicated to the servers. You are in the discord which is great. Could you please give your correct steam ID. For example: "STEAM_0:0..." Overall a good application Good luck.
  3. OllyeJ

    Adrianos Staff Application

    Exceptional playtime with a good amount of hours that can be dedicated and you are in the discord. I would still like to know about "Past Experiences", even if they are on other games. Overall a good application. Good Luck.
  4. OllyeJ

    Camm Staff Application

    Good playtime. Good past experiences and you are able to dedicate per week. However, I do not see you in the Discord: https://discord.gg/8Uhaggp More could have been written in this application. Good Luck.

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