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  1. ✪︎ JesTeR

    Graff K 'S Staff Application

    It's a good application; not bad. Although, I would suggest to just spend just a little bit more time and add a bit more content in terms of answering the questions. I very much agree with @GG // Arad119 ムand I also believe that you need a bit more hours in terms of applying. Therefore, I would advise to spend a bit more time on the servers and just polish the application a bit more. Overall, everything else looks ok! Good luck!
  2. ✪︎ JesTeR

    Zv1n Ban Appeal

    Sorry for the late reply. You were banned for flanking because it was a Split A Execute on Cache. You were on mid and should have come highway but instead you pushed Z and went car from CT. I had give two flank warnings before in the server, but you still violated the rule. It was only a 30 minute ban so I believe there wasn't any need for an appeal. If you still wish for proof / evidence, I can post it up.
  3. ✪︎ JesTeR

    Shr1mpOG Staff Application

    Hey man! Good application. We have all talked with you on Discord a couple of times and you are fairly active as well although if you can be a bit more serious then that would be perfect for you to be a Moderator. In terms of your qualities, being a memer definitely cannot be considered as one and hopefully you don't make that mistake again. Overall the other qualities you mentioned as well as the one that I have seen; all standout in a unique way and your application itself is very well written! I will definitely support your application and I hope you will also do your best to support this community as well 😄 Good Luck!
  4. ✪︎ JesTeR

    2Fast2Furious™ Staff Application

    Hey, this is a very good application! You could have written a bit more on what qualities you have that make you special but overall your application looks quite decent! We played a good game together and that was quite fun. You also have a fairly decent playtime which counts for a lot as well, therefore no worries about that! You're definitely good guy to talk to! Although, obviously just as @mch, @GG // Arad119 ム and @HeaveN said - try to be more active on Discord, since I've only seen you once or twice. Therefore, good luck with your application and I hope you succeed! :)
  5. ✪︎ JesTeR

    1079x1080 is ok Staff Application

    This is a very good application. Seems very much on point, although I would suggest you may have spent a bit more time on this. I believe you need a bit more server playtime before you apply for the staff application though. For the last question, I would definitely suggest you to do as mch says since you cannot directly mute / gag or even silence a player without giving them a warning first. Other than that, overall your application looks very decent. Thanks for applying and good luck!
  6. ✪︎ JesTeR

    ppnomula Staff Application

    Great application as Arad and mch said! Just be more active on the XGC Discord and you will definitely be considered! Best of Luck!
  7. ✪︎ JesTeR

    sOAR Staff Application

    Looking from this, I can clearly see that you did not invest more time into making a good application. You need to provide some more details and insight as to why you are applying, how you can actively help the community and in what way your skills can help us. Also, you need to provide an accurate server playtime as the one you have give is extremely vague and I can't support it at all. You can find your playtime here :- https://xeno-gaming.co.uk/playtime/
  8. ✪︎ JesTeR

    Fullmetal Staff Application

    Good application. Have played with you a couple of times and you are a good friend on Steam. Not sure about the comm bans but I personally never had any problems with you at all. Good luck!
  9. ✪︎ JesTeR

    OllyeJ Staff Application

    The champion guy has finally applied! Very good application. I am glad you got accepted my friend! Deserve to be #2 on the leaderboard.
  10. ✪︎ JesTeR

    ✪︎ JesTeR Staff Application

    Thanks a lot!! Will definitely do my best :D
  11. ✪︎ JesTeR

    ✪︎ JesTeR Staff Application

    Thank you for the unusually kind words!
  12. ✪︎ JesTeR

    ✪︎ JesTeR Staff Application

    Thank you for the kind words! Really appreciate it! :)
  13. ✪︎ JesTeR

    ✪︎ JesTeR Staff Application

    Thank you very much!
  14. ✪︎ JesTeR

    ✪︎ JesTeR Staff Application

    Alias: Jester Name: Anvit STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:19591512 Discord ID: JesTeR#6726 Age: 22 Language: English, Hindi Do you have a microphone?: Yes Server Region: UK Server Playtime: 2 Days, 5 Hrs, 52 Min, 40 Sec Past Experiences: Never been a staff member for any of the prominent wide public gaming communities like XGC, but I was one of the admins for the CSGO club/society in my University for 2 years, therefore I believe I have acquired an idea about the general management and handling of servers as well as the players. I also used to manage around 3-4 servers for CS:S in the previous years (Yes, I know. Very sad joke). How much time per week can you dedicate to moderating?: Depends on the workload I receive since I am doing research in University but I believe around 10-12 hours per week more or less. If I am free from work then maybe upto 16 hours. What qualities do you have that stand out above others? : Communication skills, past experiences and the ability to handle problems and disputes are one of the few strong qualities I can display confidently. Apart from these, I can definitely stay calm and take judgement accordingly if given the opportunity. Also, most of the time I am always online on my PC as well as Discord, so I believe I would be able to answer any problems posted by the people in the community and take action quickly. After working as an admin for my previous University, I also have a good grasp on how public servers are handled, managed and maintained. Why should we choose you over another applicant?: In terms of raw abilities, skills etc. I am not a hero as compared to others but as a fellow supporter and a big fan of the XGC servers / community I would definitely want to make a difference and provide a hub for the other players to enjoy and play without any problems from cheaters / hackers. A player has been reported for cheating, you are the first staff member to join the server. Other players think he/she is fishy but you cannot get hard evidence on them, what should you do?: If I am the first member to join, then firstly I will spectate the suspected player for a given amount of time (between 15-30 minutes in general) and definitely record his gameplay to obtain an idea about his skill level and mechanics. Sometimes it may be difficult to accuse the suspect if he/she is presumably using a trigger-bot. I will also try to get a bit more background information from the other players on the server and try to analyse the situation a bit more. Informing the admins and other moderators will also be a priority since in cases like these there is no obvious way to find that the given player is hacking. If it was not possible to prove that the player was not cheating and it was a fake call, I will file the recording and not take any action. But if I find concrete proof of the player cheating, then I will record the evidence, inform the admins and issue him with a temporary ban. You join the server to play a few rounds of executes and one of the players starts to harass you and infuriate you, he ignores your instructions to stop, how do you handle this? : I will definitely avoid communicating with him since there will always be players who will trash-talk and insult others. If he continues this relentlessly, then I will mute him without paying more attention. But, if any racist comments are passed directing either to me or to any of the other players then I will definitely warn him once. If he still continues, then I will give one final warning otherwise kick him from the server (Depending on the severity of the comments and his/her behaviour). Also, I will do the same if he unnecessarily starts breaking the server rules - such as flanking (I will definitely record him first before taking any action as evidence).

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