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  1. Balex

    Servers Offline?

  2. Balex

    Balex Staff Application

    Thank you for accepting hope to speak to you soon!
  3. Balex

    Balex Staff Application

    I have 1 day 14 hours since today and 1 hour and 22 minutes in spectator (mostly because I like spectating suspicious people before I report them) and I have actually made a report today. I know my hours haven't been good recently but to be fair at the moment I play the server before games to warm up so its usually only 30 minutes to and hour a day without having an active role in the community.
  4. Balex

    Balex Staff Application

    Okay. Great timing you only replied minutes ago after I completely forgot about this application due to college. My Steam ID doesn't seem to be correct and ill check on my hours quickly. Haven't played much recently with Halloween and Bonfire night so apologises for that.
  5. Balex

    Balex Staff Application

    Alias: Balex Name: Alex STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:185854415 Discord ID: Balex#773 Age: 16 Language: English Do you have a microphone?: 1 Server Region: 0 Server Playtime: 1 Day 12hours 10minutes 1second Past Experiences: I used to be a staff member on Galaxy Network before it closed down as an Admin. I have also been admin on many Rust Servers accounting for thousands of players including servers hosted by popular YouTubers like Tilz (100k+ Subs). This gave me lots of experience especially in tracing ESP and Silent Aim/Scripts which can be harder to detect on free world sandbox games than FPS Games like cs go. How much time per week can you dedicate to moderating?: Weekdays I can usually dedicate around 4 hours to moderating obviously this won't be me playing the servers for four hours straight but I will be free to answer any reports and or calls from members of the XenoGaming Community. On the weekend I am generally free all day except for the occasional party and or night out. What qualities do you have that stand out above others? : I am generally just experience having played as an Admin for a long time on various multi-player games I am able to deal with people quite easily partially thanks to my experience as being a young career out of game and I can bring a calm and balanced approach to any situation and I believe I have a good quality of spotting hackers who may not be completely obvious. I have made various reports on the discord about hackers that have been banned. Why should we choose you over another applicant?: I believe I would be a good fit for the roll as I can bring more experience in moderating than the average applicant. Although, I understand my experience was on another game I believe the social skills and professionalisation are easily transferred and would give me the edge in any situation I am faced with whereas others might feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed. A player has been reported for cheating, you are the first staff member to join the server. Other players think he/she is fishy but you cannot get hard evidence on them, what should you do?: Note down the players ID and wait for another staff member to join spectators. If I have a gut feeling that they are fishy and are disrupting the community I will ban them. If they happen to log off after seeing a staff member moderating I will make note of the ID and watch for them to come back on to one of the servers and if so I will spectate them again. You join the server to play a few rounds of executes and one of the players starts to harass you and infuriate you, he ignores your instructions to stop, how do you handle this? : Mute the player and if leave if necessary. If he is being toxic to other members of the server populace I would consider kicking him from the server if warranted.

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