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SebTheGoat, I hate Dust II

SebTheGoat, I hate Dust II Staff Application

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  • Alias: SebTheGoat, I hate Dust II

    Name: Sebastian

    STEAM ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/1234543223456543

    Discord ID: SebTheGoat#8042

    Age: 12

    Language: English and Danish

    Do you have a microphone?: Yes

    Server Region: EU

    Server Playtime: 1 Days, 6 Hrs, 5 Min, 48 Sec

    Past Experiences: I do not have any past experience of moderating for any servers.

    How much time per week can you dedicate to moderating?: I think I would atleast be able to commit 28 hours a week to moderating. Atleast.

    What qualities do you have that stand out above others? : I have alot of freetime, so I can come on the servers when a problem is reported. I also have 800 hours ingame so I can spot cheaters pratty well, and I frequently Overwatch people. I never get mad at people if they do stupid things, and I can't remember the last time I raged because of a player, nor because of the game. I think this will make me good for handeling situations, since I am very calm.

    Why should we choose you over another applicant?: I know if somebody cheats and, as I said, I can quickly respond to a report.

    A player has been reported for cheating, you are the first staff member to join the server. Other players think he/she is fishy but you cannot get hard evidence on them, what should you do?: I would spectate the player for about 20 minutes and look for any signs that the player is cheating. If I don't find any signs, I would log off, and call it a false alarm, but if I think the player is cheating, but I still am not sure, I would keep spectating the player. I could also ask another staff member for help, since it helps to get a different perspective on things

    You join the server to play a few rounds of executes and one of the players starts to harass you and infuriate you, he ignores your instructions to stop, how do you handle this? : I would first ask the player to stop. If the player keeps harrasing me, I would warn him that I will mute him if he doesn't stop.

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