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Graff K 'S

Graff K 'S Staff Application

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    Alias: Graff Kid

    Name: Carlos

    STEAM ID: STEAM_1:1:38713020

    Discord ID: GraffKid #3480

    Age: 28

    Language: Spanish and some english

    Do you have a microphone?: Yes

    Server Region: UK

    Server Playtime: 22 Hrs, 43 Min, 16 Sec

    Past Experiences: I was mod of a css server a lot of years ago.

    How much time per week can you dedicate to moderating?: I used to play on your servers like since 19:00 to 01:30 with some breaks, and i play like 4/5 days per week. Im not sure what is expected from me as a mod, im interested in make better the servers, and can manage with the people who dont follow the rules or troll people or whatever. Like I said i play a lot on your servers and theres none who can manage with this type of things, no matters if you use the !calladmin comand, is so rare that a mod comes.

    What qualities do you have that stand out above others? : Im 28 years old, so I can manage things like an adult, and I am a person with calm and patience.

    Why should we choose you over another applicant?: Because probably I play more hours than the other.

    A player has been reported for cheating, you are the first staff member to join the server. Other players think he/she is fishy but you cannot get hard evidence on them, what should you do?: If I can`t see nothing clear I dont do nothing, the fishy player could be a pro player or just a good aimer with lucky day. Anyway I probably stay some time watching the fishy guy, and if I think he stops cheating because Im watching him I probably switch to my smurf account and go to the server again to watch him again.

    You join the server to play a few rounds of executes and one of the players starts to harass you and infuriate you, he ignores your instructions to stop, how do you handle this? : If he doesnt care about what Im saying, I would say to him that if he still ignoring my instructions Im going to kick him, if he doesnt stop I say the same again, and if he dont stop I kick him. If he enter the server again and continuous with the same acctitude, I advise again but this time I ban him, he stills with same acctitude I ban him, the time depends on the level of rule break

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Decent application!

However, "Because probably I play more hours than the other." isn't a real reason why we should choose you over other applicants. That's a kind of cocky answer but that's just my opinion.

Add more text to "What qualities do you have that stand out above others?" since your answer is really short and doesn't look like you've put a lot of effort into writing it.

Good luck

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It's a good application; not bad. Although, I would suggest to just spend just a little bit more time and add a bit more content in terms of answering the questions. I very much agree with @GG // Arad119 ムand I also believe that you need a bit more hours in terms of applying.

Therefore, I would advise to spend a bit more time on the servers and just polish the application a bit more. Overall, everything else looks ok! Good luck!

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