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Welcome to XGC!

Welcome to XGC!

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We have over 500 active VIP's!

We have over 500 active VIP's!

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Staff Application Guidelines

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 Before applying for staff:

1Be active on our discord server. There is no point in giving someone staff that doesn't try to interact with other members and staff. It also does not count if you sit in the AFK Channel or in a channel by yourself. Participation is KEY!

2We expect applicants to have at least a week of playtime on our servers prior to applying, this shows that you've been with us for a while. You can check your game time here.

3Having around 750 hours of game time in CSGO, we feel as if the longer you've played the game you'll develop a better understanding of cheats.

4If you donate to our servers, you are automatically increasing your chances of becoming a staff member as it proves to us that you truly want to support the community & help us grow.

5. We like our staff members to be active of a suitable amount, so if you don't play regularly your chances of being accepted will go down.

6YOU MUST BE ABLE TO RECORD IN APPROPRIATE QUALITY! There are so many programs that out there that you can record with to justify your bans etc, if you are found to be banning people without recording proof, you will be demoted.

7DO NOT LIE IN YOUR APPLICATION! If you have found to be lying, you will be denied and revoked from applying ever again. If you are found to have lied during your application and you've already been accepted, you will be demoted instantly and giving a 3-day ban.

8We aim to have a staff team above the age of 16, mainly due to the number of hours that you're able to put in at that age. School is an important part of your life at that age, and we would rather you focus on that and get good grades than moderate a CS:GO server. Exceptions can be made.

9Since we have an active calladmin system which receives reports regularly, we require each staff member to be doing at least 10 reports every week, even if you don't have to hand out a punishment, it shows to us your commitment.

10We keep track of both your reports claimed, server activity and discord activity so if you are found to be inactive and not putting in the effort, you will be giving a warning and if it continues, you will be demoted.

11. If you are accepted as a staff member, we will closely monitor your progress over the first couple of days to see how you are doing. If you commit any offenses during this time (abusing, not active at all) then you will be instantly demoted.


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