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  1. CLOSED Staff application on AWP server

    Unfortunately you have no where near enough playtime on our servers to be considered for staff, feel free to try again when you have more playtime on our servers!
  2. ACCEPTED Staff Application

    Always looking for more staff on our EU side of the community, application accepted! You will see your perms soon, congrats!
  3. UNDER REVIEW Dizzy's Staff Application

    When did you start playing our servers? Because i'm looking at your application and you've said you only have 17hrs on our servers but play 30hrs on our servers a week.. this would indicate that you've been on our servers less than a week?
  4. ACCEPTED Staff Application

    I've seen you actively in the discord and you have a good amount of hours on our servers, I am going to accept this application You will see your perms within the next day or two!
  5. CLOSED Staff Application

    Application has no where near enough depth to be considered for staff, feel free to try again in the future with more detail if you wish. Good luck!
  6. CLOSED Staff Application

    Not really seen you in discord at all since receiving this application, try involve yourself more with the community and re open this post when you have done so. Good luck!
  7. CLOSED staff app v2 lmao

    perm banned from forums & servers, feelsbad4u
  8. CLOSED 2 Cheaters that are friends

    Just gonna go ahead and perm insidious from the website & servers, just pathetic lol... I'll deal with this.
  9. CLOSED Unban suicideChrist

    Unbanned, we will ban you again if you become suspicious in the future.
  10. CLOSED fabiaN banned

  11. CLOSED jacky2180 banned. right template

  12. CLOSED Ban Appeal

    Don't do it again, unbanned.
  13. CLOSED hicksey

    This whole thread is just childish, let alone pointless. The name of your weapon is somewhat in appropriate and some people could find it offensive, but in reality, I have no real control over what people use at their weapon names, would take me a considerable amount of time to go through a 100k people's skin names.. lmao. A note for the future, If you are asked to change it, then please change it. I will reverse this ban as I agree that Tea should of provided proof that you said "N***** help", even if the chat moves to fast, everything is logged to console and you are able to scroll up and find whatever you need to find. However, please refrain from using any racial slurs or derogatory terms while playing on our servers in the future. I have now unbanned you, and I apologise for any inconvenience caused. This was indeed a careless ban and without the sufficient proof, it makes it an invalid ban. Have a good day, Scotty
  14. CLOSED Ban Appeal

    Don't try spread shit and give me a bad name in the future, you don't know me, you don't know my staff. I don't take shit, so why should I unban you when you openly said in the servers chat a bunch of bullshit about me?
  15. CLOSED Staff Application

    I hope you're not serious about this application.. I think you forgot to mention the multiples times I've been called to a server by other staff members because of you breaking multiple rules... racism, abusing VIP privileges and even being a smartass to one of my staff members.. not even gonna mention the times you've tried to beef me and lie to me about what you've done. I wanna point out that this in our staff requirements.. Then you say this in your staff application... It's just not true, and awfully contradicting. I also take that as a form of not being 'honest' because I know what type of person you are. Application Denied.
  16. ACCEPTED [Staff Application ] Aicha

    It's a good application indeed, overwhelming amount of playtime on both EU servers and UK servers, your answers also go into quite some depth, which is good. I am going to accept this application on the terms that, you give players warnings of what they're doing wrong before giving out any punishments and that you interact more with the discord, staff members, players etc. You will see your permissions on the servers soon, enjoy!
  17. CLOSED Mod

    Okay, I am just gonna go ahead and say that you will never have a single chance of getting staff on my servers for many reasons. 1. You're banned on discord for being toxic towards me and other members, not the type of person I want as staff. 2. I've known you for a long time, you are quite immature and I worry you would get trigger happy with that type of power. 3. I've been called to a server for reports of you abusing old vip perks such as !votekick etc, again not something I look for in a staff member. 4. You've impersonated being a mod before by threatening players, which is just beyond childish. Don't waste your time or my time in future making an application, thanks.
  18. ACCEPTED Mod application

    Good application, detailed answers & seem like a nice guy and I am in need for more staff on my EU servers. I will accept this application and you will see your permissions on the servers within the next few days.
  19. CLOSED TheDevilFTWHD Staff Application

    Unfortunately we require you to have 750hours+ (on one account) minimum to be a staff member, this is so you have enough knowledge of the game to recognise hacks etc. You can apply again in the future when you have more hours if you wish. Good luck!
  20. ACCEPTED bevve's Staff Application

    It's a good application, and you're pretty nuts at CS when we played that 10 man so this would help if you were to make the call on someone cheating or not. Gonna accept this application, you will see your perms on the servers in the next few days.
  21. ACCEPTED Staff Application

    Are you a mainly EU Server player or UK?
  22. UNDER REVIEW Report moderator (TreX)

    I will talk to Trex about this and get back to you.
  23. CLOSED MCSKYS Blatant cheating

    This has been dealt with, ty.
  24. CLOSED Report My @ng3l

    Closed as no evidence is provided.
  25. CLOSED Report Cleric

    This has been dealt with, ty.