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  1. CLOSED Mod

    yea.. Also can you go more in detail? Good Luck!
  2. CLOSED Moderator application by XDLSD.

    yh that's bang on.. Make your own application dude
  3. CLOSED MCSKYS Blatant cheating

    is it possible for you to resubmit this report in the proper format?
  4. CLOSED Mod

    Could you describe what you would do in the situation of a cheater?..

    I've played with you and you were really kind, however I do believe you should go more in depth with your answers
  6. CLOSED Sup3rlum for badmin (Mod application)

    Would I be correct in guessing that you have a massive ego? This application seems really like a piss take. Please be more professional
  7. CLOSED Staff application

    Could you remake an admin application using the correct format Please?
  8. CLOSED Anxrchyx's Mod Application

    The admin he was being disrespectful to was me and we were just messing about he wasn't being serious, I've known him for 3 years and I think Tea you might of misunderstood what he was saying as I don't recall him being toxic towards you. That may be my mistake though and I know I don't have much of a say but Anxrchyx has more than 1k hours he has about 1.5k if u count all of his other accounts.. Not much he can do now though I guess..
  9. ACCEPTED Hv^'s Application

    Played with you actually quite a lot, really fun and nice to play with although you have no experience being mod I feel XGC would be a good place to start +1
  10. CLOSED Anxrchyx's Mod Application

    +15 - a couple I mean I know you're a good admin due to the past so.. Good admin application anyways
  11. CLOSED Hanzo Staff Aplication

    Oh yea sorry that's my bad, It's cause the name says "Hanzo's staff app" and obviously your name here isn't Hanzo.
  12. CLOSED Hanzo Staff Aplication

    I think you were probably looking at one individual server, maybe try EU executes if you are looking on executes and then try UK. Also please make your own thread instead of commenting on somebody else's admin application. Thanks
  13. CLOSED Calvin Staff Application

    Yea dude could you please elaborate a bit more on your answers? Good luck on your application!
  14. CLOSED Hanzo Staff Aplication

    Personally I don't think age matters too much, if I did then I would be severely hypocritical so all together I think you would make quite a good admin. I would also like for an accurate amount of hours please. Good luck on your application!
  15. CLOSED Staff application

    Good application in general, Im pretty sure i've seen you on the servers before and you seemed like a nice guy. +1
  16. CLOSED MCDONOUGH0800 cheating

    Your SteamID : STEAM_0:0:119934675 Players SteamID : STEAM_0:0:244709167 What are you reporting him/her for? He's definitely cheating, in the evidence i actually recorded him admitting it so... He is also very blatant anyways Data & Time of event: 08/01/2018 21:57 Evidence: Skip to 1:58 And that's really all u need.. if u want him actually admitting it go to 2:55
  17. ACCEPTED Tea's mod app

    If I'm not mistaken I have seen you around on the servers already and you seem like a nice guy, you abide by the rules. Decent amount of hours and experience +1
  18. In Game Name: Swifty Discord ID: Swifty#8890 SteamID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/JoshuaSwofty/ Age: 13 Time zone: GMT Playtime on CSGO: 1280hrs Playtime on XGC Servers: 00:43:46 hours Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? [Scenario 1] If a guy was being toxic, flaming somebody else maybe using some bad language I would politely ask them to stop and if they refuse or carry on with the toxicity i would mute them for a minimum of 10 mins depending on how bad their language is, if they were using racist insults for instance I would mute for 30mins minimum and if they carry on after that then I would kick them, if they carry on it would result in a 1 day ban. [Scenario 2] If I thought a guy was cheating then I wouldn't say anything just to give him time to toggle off, I would make an excuse like i was going AFK or eating or something (eg) And i would spectate him and as i have a lot of experience playing csgo and most of my friends cheat i am familiar with what cheats look like and how they work, It also helps that i am calm in most situations so i wouldn't just ban them out of frustration and if i come to a conclusion that they were cheating I would record it and save it in case they decide to Ban appeal And i wouldn't just spectate for 5 mins I would watch the suspect for at least 10 minutes to make a fair judgement. Past Experiences: I surprisingly have a lot more admin experience than a lot of people considering my age, I was admin on 4 different servers at once and i even co-owned a server doing stuff like going into the server files and doing all of the addons I have a lot of experience, Due to this I am very familiar with all of the commands in the Source Mod Admin addon so I know what i am doing. One of the servers I was admin on was actually a Vac Insecure server for people who had vac bans but just wanted to play csgo without buying another account, It was very difficult as an admin to maintain as it was vac secure people were cheating constantly so I REALLY got to know what cheats were like and all the different types of cheats too. Why should we accept you? You should accept me because I am a friendly person to play with, and in the other cases where I was admin on servers I was always the first person people would come to if they were getting flamed at or somebody was cheating in their game and I always kept to the guidelines never making any mistakes with maybe not warning somebody before a mute or a kick. Also because of my age obviously school would consume some of my time but after school or on a weekend I have no job and that means I have time to play on your servers. P.s I love your execute servers definitely the best executes out there Keep it up. Also I hope my age doesn't affect my application. I would also be a lot more active on discord rather than teamspeak.
  19. CLOSED Bots Bugged

    Your SteamID STEAM_0:0:119934675 What is the bug? Bots have been spawning and as a result we have to go to whatever spawn and kill them and it isn't much of an issue but it is annoying, also the smoke thrower bot isn't automatically killing himself and on maps like cache he messes up his smokes, he smoked ontop of the garage and stuff like that Evidence (If any): https://imgur.com/a/gwRDn Data & Time of Bug Found: 04/01/2018 18:01 Good luck with fixing it! Thanks.
  20. ACCEPTED I would like to Apply to become Staff

    haha so sorry about that Thanks anyways and have a nice day dude!
  21. ACCEPTED I would like to Apply to become Staff

    that 43 minutes is on only one of the servers, i play a lot of them.. I have much more time but i don't know how to properly check them all Wait nevermind i was looking at the EU executes i play uk i have 5 days roughly look here is this the correct thing to tell ur hours? https://imgur.com/a/Vi77o