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  1. CLOSED The new gamemode update

    Awesome! Thanks At least have one guy spawn default on A site every round
  2. CLOSED The new gamemode update

    Yes that would be awesome as that is pretty much what causes the negatives. With the spawns being the same as before that would mean retakes and more realistic to execute the site against 1-2 players as in a real game. True, the crashes were annoying but could be easy to fix. I liked them a little bit tho because the servers would restart really fast and mirage would start which is for sure my favorite map. You could ask me for help concerning the spawns since I've played cs for along time and I pretty much know every basic setup against executes, fakes etc.. on each map. Hmu Thanks for your time and have a good day!😊 Cheers
  3. CLOSED The new gamemode update

    I play a lot so I might speak for more players than just myself but what I think is following: - Revert to the old version. - fix the spawns so at least one player but mosly two players spawn on each site (depends on map). - better spawns at all. You could predict what site the push would be on by looking at the spawns. Example: Cache, B execute = one b site and one upper B each and every time, so as a T you could just pre-aim upper and know one is somewhere on site. Mirage, A execute = one ct spawn and one stairs / jungle. Would be a lot better if someone were to spawn site and the second player close palace, shadow, sandwich or stairs, just not ct. Because if you spawn ct u barely got any time to run shadow or anything but firebox, or you just stay ct and play retake which is not what you do very often in a real game. Ill come up with more ideas as the day goes by. Add me on steam or whatever if you want help! Thanks
  4. CLOSED The new gamemode update

    So I found out today by playing that the gamemode is updated. Now each and every ct spawns where the push will be. If B rush every ct will spawn on B which is about 4 cts. If A split 2 cts spawn mid and 2 A site or all 4 on A site. Its a plus that u dont have to rotate sure but my experience is just ruined because its not realistic to a real game that all cts are gathered on the site. Why I like executes is because its as close as u can get to a real game, except for the poor spawns there were before, for example if it was an A execute on mirage no Ct would spawn on site, only ct and jungle but thats fine. Another thing thats so good with executes is that u get to defend a site, push a site, defend retake and retake. But now when all cts spawn together there is no retake and the push is not realistic because in a game there wont be 4 cts with m4s waiting for u on each round. My experience is pretty much ruined. Still worth the VIP ofc but I wont have any use of it anymore if you guys dont consider reverting the changes (if you can). Please explain a little bit. There are some plus factors in the new update compared to the old one but the negatives are just too many and too big for me to be able to have a good experience while playing on your servers. Please revert<3 Kind regards. Fiesk
  5. CLOSED VIP gone on one specific server
  6. CLOSED VIP gone on one specific server

    Hello guys! So I played executes on one server then suddenly my VIP was gone and wouldnt return. I could join other servers as a vip and I had the VIP tag before my name but just that one server I couldnt even join the reserved VIP slot. It said the usual "Disconnect: Dropped to due to VIP reservation, purchase vip at xeno-gaming.co.uk!.". When I finally was able to join I couldnt use the !vip command, it said something like "join the steam community group" and the tag wasnt there. Any clue why its gone and if it will be fixed?