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  1. CLOSED Unban appeal

    first time heaven told me to spec you on awp server , told him that you have been playing for a long time and you don't cheat or anything , he said ok and forgot about it , but today i did spec you when he told me to , and its pretty obv , prefires , preaims that are not anywhere near to be sound or anything it was very weird . hence , the ban .
  2. ACCEPTED Trex's mod application

    thank you <3
  3. CLOSED Mars the baby boy ADMIN applicationnn on xgc serversss.

    LOL mod app 10/10
  4. ACCEPTED Trex's mod application

    i have alot of experience in the game , i have more playtime than you think , i realize alot of hackers on the server since game mechanics are easy to see if human is doing such actions or not , and i dont have gag/ mute privileges , so thats what we do , not what we would do if i was a mod , im talking from past experiences working with what i had , and trust me i dont struggle , your decision of course i just want to help , just making things clear <3
  5. ACCEPTED Trex's mod application

    Application: In Game Name: TREX HDR -IWNL- Discord ID: TrexXxHDR #0524 SteamID: Age: 23 Time zone: UTC+02:00 Playtime on CSGO: 976 hours on my main , 124 hours on smurf Playtime on XGC Servers: 4d 23:35:05h (awp server) , i play a bit of executes aswell Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? we had it multiple times when a player is mic spamming on the server , first i'd verbally warn him and ask nicely to stop , then type it in chat if he doesn't reply , after 3 warning with no answer I usually vote kick him and if he does comeback and mic spams we temp voteban him . we encounter hackers as well , multiple times i recorded hackers on the awp lego server for evidence if asked for it , contacted someone on discord or told tea about it if he's here , and do the same procedure as the mic spamming situation . Past Experiences: im a mod on my friends twitch channel , and im the founder on FraGGerZ , a gaming group with 113 active members , i take care of our discord , bought them a teamspeak server , we have an active fb page and much more , ill link them below. Facebook :\ Teamspeak IP : Discord : Steam Group : Why should we accept you? I spend alot of time on the server i play daily after work for like 4-8 hours , im top 1 on the awp lego server currently , I'm friends with everyone i think , i love this server just cause of the skill level and community , i'd like to be able to keep a bit of control of whats happening in the server , since we get alot of mic spammers mainly , and some hackers , also i'm a computer engineer with a good amount of knowledge and will be happy to help anyway i can.